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December 2003

990000 wrote on 2003/12/20:
very nice

Jeroen wrote on 2003/12/22:
Live's a box of chocolate, you never know what ya gonna get

P01 wrote on 2003/12/22:
Fly little leaf. Fly!

sil wrote on 2003/12/22:
Beautiful :)

Ruben wrote on 2003/12/23:
This one should have been named: "It's all about timing".

milov wrote on 2003/12/24:
I guess I better not mention that the leaf was hanging from a spider's web then :)

adam wrote on 2003/12/24:
Haha, whem I saw your name in this comments list on the main page I thought, hmm milov replied, this means.... hey there's a thread of spiderweb. :-)

milov wrote on 2003/12/25:
you know me too well, lil' bro... :)