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January 2004

jimmy wrote on 2004/01/02:
Buitenaards mooi!

Maarten wrote on 2004/01/03:
Did you use a filter?

milov wrote on 2004/01/03:
No filter, this is exactly how it turned out. Almost straight down view from a bridge.

Maarten wrote on 2004/01/04:
The contrast is really great!

Martijn wrote on 2004/01/04:
The sunlight on the swan probably causes your camera to choose 1/1000, resulting in 'black' water...

Kethinov wrote on 2004/01/04:
Another good one for a desktop image ;)

milov wrote on 2004/01/04:
Nah, the proportions are off... maybe if I'd catched it in the center of the photo.

Hens wrote on 2004/01/08:
You'ld try to sell this one to e.g.! THE SWAN as a sitting duck: i love it!

Shorty wrote on 2004/02/05:
Thats so easy

Shorty wrote on 2004/02/05:
soooo easy

me once again wrote on 2004/07/03:
centered it would be great, it is still nice though