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February 2004

weena sidewalk

huphtur wrote on 2004/02/21:
USED to be an awesome skatespot for when it was raining. Now destroyed by retarded skatestopper device on floor.

Arthur! wrote on 2004/02/21:
And it's decorative too!

milov wrote on 2004/02/21:
hupthur: I figured you might comment on those. What I wasn't expecting was that you had actually skated there. :)

huphtur wrote on 2004/02/21:
yeah eventhough i was more of an amsterdam skater (the RAI!), i still went to rotterdam at times. rotterdam always had and still has the best skatespots of holland. we can thank the germans for this! if they didnt flatten rotterdam in the war, we would have never had so many modern skatespots in town!

i forgot why exactly these skatestoppers came about at the weena, but it had something to do with the fact that the then major of rotterdam had an appartment at the weena, where he used to bring his 'girlfriends' to. i guess he didnt like the fact we could have fun for free and he had to pay to have some 'tension relief'.

Marcus wrote on 2004/02/23:
At Blaak they built a heaven for skaters. No need to whine about those 'skate stoppers'.