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March 2004


swanz wrote on 2004/03/07:
jeffrey dahmer achtige sfeer.

Descargar programas wrote on 2004/03/07:
achtige sfeer

milov wrote on 2004/03/07:
creepy, a comment spammer that copies part of a real comment. this one came here via a spanish google search for "add a comment".

huphtur wrote on 2004/03/07:
time for a reg process?

milov wrote on 2004/03/07:
nah, I have a one-click delete option for every commentmail I get... on the whole, building a registration system would take more time; not to mention inconvenience visitors.

P01 wrote on 2004/03/07:
That pic, reminds me the haunted wall cupboard in Poltergeist.

MrMessiah wrote on 2004/03/08:
"There is no Dana, only Zuul"

990000 wrote on 2004/03/08:

Low wrote on 2004/03/08:
@MrMessiah: teehee! :)