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May 2004


I've started a little Quicklinks/Linkdump/Remainderlinks (or whatever they're called) list on the left-hand side, below above the Latest comments.

Herman wrote on 2004/05/17:
That's nice. A zeroclick delivery (rss 2.0) is out of the question?

milov wrote on 2004/05/17:
You mean having the rss <link> element of the items point directly to the site in question, instead of to my site? I'm working on that...

P01 wrote on 2004/05/17:
Interresting update.
Considering the many things in the left pan plus the "older entries" at the bottom, don't you think a third column would be welcome ? or maybe a different layout to present the content and feedback of your site.

milov wrote on 2004/05/18:
Hmm, it depends on how long I let the quicklinks list grow (maybe as big as the one on which was my main inspiration), but I doubt I'll go for a third column; vertical space is cheap.

I was in fact thinking about trying a more original layout where all the 'lists' (comments, forum, quicklinks, referrers) sit next to each other at the top of the page, on top of a wide main weblog column.

Or maybe I'll do a kottke and integrate the quicklinks back into the main column after a while. :)

nowak wrote on 2004/05/19:
You think it would be possible to have a seperate RSS feed for those? Just so they don't intermix with your main posts (and allows me to organize my aggregator better -- have a folder of nothing but linkdups and "filters".) You know, sort of like kottke.

milov wrote on 2004/05/19:
Indeed. I'm working on that as well.