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June 2004

colour subdomains updated

Rather than appearing as blank pages of a single colour, the colour subdomains now have an info footer showing calculated dec/hex/percentage values, as well as a row of lighter/darker variations.

test: purple, 144.200.180, cc9966, f0f, activecaption

P01 wrote on 2004/06/20:
That's a really cool improvement. May I suggest you to add a saturation gradient below the brightness one, and eventually a hue one.

Daniel+Talsky wrote on 2004/06/20:
This is becoming dangerously close to actually being useful.

milov wrote on 2004/06/20:

Morg wrote on 2004/06/21:
And how about a matching palette for the color? :)

milov wrote on 2004/06/21:
If you happen to know the algorithm for generating such a thing, I can give it a try :)

morg wrote on 2004/06/21:
How about

Nice 5k js tool that makes a decent color set

Thiemo wrote on 2004/06/29:
Looks much better than my color converter[1]. Some details I want to suggest: Crop the percentages to whole numbers. The decimal places aren't needed. Nobody can see the difference. - Display both web-safe and non-safe hex shorts and sample rectangles for them. I found this very usefull (to keep my styles small). In many cases the differences to the original color are very small.