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June 2004

meerkoet family 2

swanz wrote on 2004/06/29:
Erg mooie foto! Rewspect hoor!

swanz wrote on 2004/06/29:
-w ;-) klopt het dat op een apple computer de let tertjes heel klein en lichtblauw zijn in de comments?

door wrote on 2004/06/29:
Heel bijzonder!

Daniel+Talsky wrote on 2004/06/30:
Yeah, what they said.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but you are a really outstanding photographer. I like both your style, subject choices, and technique. You really know how to come up with striking photos.

brent wrote on 2004/06/30:
great shot.

me again wrote on 2004/07/03:
thats very cool! it look very neat and the water is so calm!

sep wrote on 2004/07/05:
I just wanted to say that I fully agree with Daniel Talsky. Greetz and keep up the good work!