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August 2004

Update 2007-02-05:
- since the activation of the new Metafilter url scheme, this bookmarklet is broken; I'm working on a new version :)

- detect deleted Metafilter threads
(update 2006-01-15: now also works for Ask Metafilter)

Drag the link above to your browser's Links toolbar and click it while viewing the Metafilter front page (or one of the archived months); this will open up a new window with links to recently deleted threads (works by detecting the gaps in the sequence of thread ids). Tested in Firefox and IE6.

[Inspired by this MetaTalk thread]

Source code:
javascript:void(A=document.getElementsByTagName('a'), N=[],M=[],f=''); for(i=0;i<A.length;i++){ void(h=A[i].href,p=h.indexOf('/mefi/')); if(p!=-1 && h.indexOf('#')==-1 && A[i].parentNode.tagName.toLowerCase()=='span'){ void(k=h.substring(p+6,h.length),N[N.length]=k,M[k]=1)}} for (i=N[0]; i>N[N.length-1]; i--) { if (!M[i]) f += '<a target=_blank href=http://''/mefi/' +i+'>'+i+'</a>\n'; } void(('Deleted threads: ' + f));void(W.document.close());

dab wrote on 2004/08/06:
Clever toy - thanks!

Armoured-Ant wrote on 2004/08/06:
All I get is a popup with

Deleted threads:

in it.

ericville wrote on 2004/08/07:
niiice! very clever, indeed ;)

Armoured-Ant: double check that you're executing the bookmarklet from the same browser window that you have MetaFilter pulled up on- i got the same thing when i tried it the first time.

Dave wrote on 2004/08/10:
Don't all these show up in the RSS feed anyway?

slart wrote on 2004/08/11:
works in safari too, thanks!

Jeblis wrote on 2006/07/27:
Neat script. Thanks for the update!

Captain Science wrote on 2007/02/25:
Can't wait for the new version!

rider wrote on 2007/05/02:
Here's a hacked version that works with the new Url scheme (in firefox...not well tested...use at own risk)

javascript:void(A=document.getElementsByTagName('a'),N=[],M=[],f=''); for(i=0; i<A.length; i++){ void(h=A[i].href,k=h.match(/\d{5}/)); if(k > 10000 && h.indexOf('user') ==-1 && h.indexOf('#')==-1 && A[i].parentNode.tagName.toLowerCase()=='span'){ void(N[N.length]=k,M[k]=1)} } for (i=N[0]; i>N[N.length-1]; i--) { if (!M[i]) f += '<a target=_blank href=http://''/mefi/' +i+'>'+i+'</a>\n'; } void(('Deleted threads: ' + f)); void(W.document.close());