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September 2004

steven wrote on 2004/09/14:
Prachtig! We hebben denk ik naar dezelfde lucht staan kijken:

milov wrote on 2004/09/14:
Ha, geweldig, je hebt gelijk! Deze is ook van gisteravond... Licht gephotoshopt weliswaar maar de kleuren zijn nog wel zoals ik ze zag.

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2004/09/15:
The colors and composition are gorgeous. It seems you have duplicated the picture, applied a blur and set its opacity to ~33% in Photoshop. Am I wrong ?

Milo wrote on 2004/09/15:
Your instincts are very good. I applied a Gaussian blur to the duplicate layer, then set its mode to Overlay, then reduced the opacity (don't remember by how much). I did the same thing to (very subtly) and (not so subtly).

Oh yeah I've decided to use the name Milo above my comments from now on...