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September 2004

990000 wrote on 2004/09/22:
nice. like mercury

Taylor wrote on 2004/09/22:
Reminds me of Mario Sunshine.

Martijn wrote on 2004/09/22:
Mimetic pollyaloy

Jeroen wrote on 2004/09/22:
You'd better run before the T1000 morphs back into shape.

Milo wrote on 2004/09/22:
I checked the same spot this morning: he was gone!

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2004/09/22:
call the local police and ask them to visit each Sarah Connor nearby.

Martijn wrote on 2004/09/24:
...or send them to The Galleria :)

bareuh wrote on 2004/09/25:
nice one ...

Narendra wrote on 2004/10/21:

Narendra wrote on 2004/10/21:

tex wrote on 2004/10/29:
piddle or puddle?

shakirawill wrote on 2005/07/19:
Good Day ,
My name is Mrs. SHAKIRA WILL,
I am interested in purchasing 10 peices oF Wall Sconces ML-6021-18B 4,5"Wx8.5"H
and Chandelier}
and I would need 5 peices of Chandelier each model.
Let me know the cost and shipping cost to West Africa becos they would be shipped to my husband over there.
As soon as I get these information on reply of this email, I will forward you my credit card to charge and have them shipped immediately.
Looking forward to hearing from you sonnest.

Jan! wrote on 2005/07/22:
Komen de Nigerianen nu ook al via weblogs? :-)