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October 2004

watercooler, inverted

Marijn wrote on 2004/10/16:
The suspense is killing me, c'mon, what is it and how dya put it together? Some sort of multi-exposure of a ... uh ... no idea?

Marijn wrote on 2004/10/16:
Ah ok, I checked the filename, a inverted watercooler, that's just freaky. At the the top in the middle it looks like a ship sailing on a stormy ocean :-)

Martijn wrote on 2004/10/16:
Gatver! Ik ga daar niet meer uit drinken! :P

bareuh wrote on 2004/10/19:
dat watercoolers zo'n mooi plaatje kunnen opleveren ... sjapo

palla wrote on 2004/10/26:
nice milo.

Milo wrote on 2004/10/26:
arigato gozaimasu, palla