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November 2004

(unfinished) code dump

Drag a pattern with left mouse button to make "sparks" appear. Animation is created by cropping, moving and fading one single .gif circle.
sen9 aka three-letter-poet
Mouse movements generate random three-letter-strings. When it hits an actual existing english three-letter-word, the word is added to the main sentence (click to start a new sentence).
sticky drag blocks
Drag-and-drop collision-detection experiment.
Multiple layers of a simple pattern rotating at different speeds (runs a lot faster in IE than in Firefox).
Trying to do something interesting with css border slants. Update: broken in IE at the moment.
Attempts at a shrinking zoom-effect by applying smaller and smaller relative (%) sizes...

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2004/11/20:
I really like how you made the animation in sparks.

The sticky drag blocks and zllm2 are also really cool.

All these scripts would be a great addition to your IAMBALD serie.

MrMessiah wrote on 2004/11/20:
Oh yes... zllm2 is great, especially if you trace your mouse round the edge of the screen in a circle.

ACJ wrote on 2004/11/21:
Awesome stuff, Milo! I just love design/art experiments with code. I've started playing around with PHP, Python, SVG, XML, CSS, and PNG (and all sorts of combinations of it) for that kind of thing again recently.

steven+streight+aka+vaspers+the+grate wrote on 2004/11/21:
What words are BIS, KAF, and ROC? Not English as far as I know.

Do you like John Maeda's games? Try going to his web site I think is the URL. Some nice games there.

Kapp wrote on 2004/11/21:
Ecce Milo Vermeulen.

adjam wrote on 2004/11/21:
hey milo!
this stuff is really cool!
i love it when u make this cool experiment and the circle stuff is definatly really cool ill look at its code sometime!

toph wrote on 2004/11/22:
god sea ewe

Kethinov wrote on 2004/11/22:
What is this stuff not doing at Is it exclusively a java applet club now? :-\

Milo wrote on 2004/11/22:
Basically, none of these are good/elegant/solid enough to become nr. 115 (although I'm now thinking sen9 could be if I clean up the dictionary some more).

By allowing myself to classify things as unfinished/dump, the threshold for release is a lot lower, and it's nice to get things out there in this form; I hope to do more posts like this.