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November 2004

(opposite view)

990000 wrote on 2004/11/27:
nice. what are those things? please tell me they move.

steven+streight+aka+vaspers+the+grate wrote on 2004/11/27:
Everybody knows what those things are: alien candle snuffers from outer space, here to turn our lights off and bring solemn darkness to our hapless unhappy planet.

I like the first one best. At first, I thought they were Professor Rosmund's gigantic mutated preying mantis pets escaped from his dubious lab, but no. They're still there. I checked.

I looked at digital cameras at Walmart tonight. Gonna ask Santa for one.

Milo wrote on 2004/11/27:
They are actually giant light cranes to illuminate the square. Their angle is shifted every so often; the rest of the time they remain stationary, unfortunately :)

huphtur wrote on 2004/11/27:
one of em has controls right?

Milo wrote on 2004/11/27:
Wow, there is a panel, but I never thought to try it... According to : "There are 4 crane like lighting elements, that can be controlled by the public by means of a control panel (Button 1 for choosing the lamp, OK, Button 2 for the new position, OK)"

steven+streight+aka+vaspers+the+grate wrote on 2004/11/28:
Can you operate them cybernetically, hence via computer controls, in the comfort of ones own home?

I'd like to swing them around aggressively and make them fight each other to the death, even though I'm a pacifist at heart.

Can you make them move secretly and impress your girlfriend that you have supernatural powers so she better be nice to you?