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November 2004

Half-Life 2

After too many failed attempts to buy Half-Life 2 Silver via that Steam thing, I decided to just buy the regular DVD version in the store last thursday. Which installed fine, yay!

I'm playing it on Hard to make sure I don't breeze through it too quickly, which seems to be working: I'm already going to have to go back to an earlier saved game because I won't be getting past those manhacks with no ammo + 15% health. An opportunity to enjoy the amazing scenery some more.

Thanks Barney!

This isn't going to work...

Noisy buggers.

absolut wrote on 2004/11/28:
Amazing graphics. Isn't it?
I have started playing HL2 this week too :)

parob wrote on 2004/11/28:
Ik zag de RSS over Half-Life 2

Milo wrote on 2004/11/28:
Handig he? :)