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January 2005

An attempt at listing my favourites of all the movies I saw in 2004 (not necessarily released in 2004), roughly ordered from really great to great:

Update: calculation of cast and crew members appearing more than once in this list:

Update 2: added original Unicode movie titles in tooltips.

palla wrote on 2005/01/03:
Ummm...many Japanese movies entries..I've not seen them still...

Milo wrote on 2005/01/03:
Yeah I still think you should see Bright Future (アカルイミライ), lots of 'palla-style' city scenes in there. :)

Martijn wrote on 2005/01/03:
Is / will there be an international release of Simon? If so, this great movie can (soon) be enjoyed by many!

Ruben wrote on 2005/01/03:
Wow, what an obscure list :-)

Milo wrote on 2005/01/03:
Heh, I know... I hope you appreciate the hour I spent trying to find the most informative link for each of these movies.

I found myself making a big shift in my movie viewing habits this year, avoiding the latest Hollywood stuff and diving more and more into the rich world that is South-Korean and Japanese cinema, thanks to sites like and .

drunkmen wrote on 2005/01/06:
green tea? ugh!

Alper wrote on 2005/01/08:
Thanks for distilling this cinema-segment I know so little about. Added them to my to-see-list.

Brian wrote on 2005/01/14:
Yeah, I like that you include Korean and Japanese movies in your list, emphasis on Korean (gee, one could wonder why).