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February 2005

photo: pigeon on Schouwburgplein

ACJ wrote on 2005/02/08:
"The Wandering Meerkoet"

snarl wrote on 2005/02/09:
reminds me of this:

a shot i now use as my background pic.

Ellen wrote on 2005/02/09:
This picture is beautiful, he looks like he is heading home all alone, the last one standing.


pablo korona wrote on 2005/02/11:
very very cool.

steven+streight wrote on 2005/02/13:
Milo you're really good at mystery, you see odd realities, things that look like they could be paintings, but not photos, how could this be? Great, again.

I will be sending you a brief, 2 questions survey asking you why you started your blog and etc.

I'm writing a book on Secrets of the Blogging Pros, possibly published by a very classy publisher: Peach Pit. A coffee table book. Love to have you in it. Screenshots of the blogs. Please participate, my friend, my favorite photo artist.

Steven aka VTG

iyad wrote on 2005/03/03:
i need photo of the pigeon