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April 2005

let's stick together

These shy kids hatched from a single nest in our backyard. I have a picture of their proud mom as well.

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2005/05/01:
°< kwak! kwak!

Great picture. It's crisp on the duckies.

elskesan wrote on 2005/05/03:
aaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! superlief!! Dit is een hele mooie foto!

swanz wrote on 2005/05/08:
tof zeg!

wheat wrote on 2005/05/20:
I sent links of this one and the other duck photo to my wife. Very beautiful. You really capture the texture of the water and the ducklings.

jesse wrote on 2005/07/12:
Does a cayuga duck have a yellow spot on its head?

caitlin_vine wrote on 2005/08/05:
what type of duck is that with the golden spot on its head above

caitlin_vine wrote on 2005/08/05:
the duckies are cute

Agatka::) wrote on 2005/10/29:
słodziutkie kaczuszki::D sliczne

micki wrote on 2005/11/08:
that is sooooo cute!!!
I would like to buy a poster please!
that is also just gorgeous photography!

Kristin wrote on 2005/11/28:
They are so cute!!!!!!!!!

haras wrote on 2006/05/18:
I want one