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June 2005

New bookmarklet: counters
(drag to Links-bar or right-click to Add to Favorites)

Tested in IE6 and Firefox. For every mouseclick, a small [1], [2], [3] incrementing counter will appear. Handy if you want to easily count the number of times something occurs on a page, such as the number of films you've seen of a specific IMDb actor/director (which prompted this idea in my case).

Quick hack to allow custom text, rather than incrementing count: notes

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2005/06/30:
Aside drawing yellow moustaches on a page, what kind of use can you make of it ?

Milo wrote on 2005/06/30:
Well, count stuff, obviously :)
Now I know I've seen 23 Susumu Terajima films...

Milo wrote on 2005/06/30:
Also handy for finding out how many of the top 250 movies you have seen:

Mathieu+'P01'+HENRI wrote on 2005/06/30:
Lousy me, I thought of something slightly beyond simply counting stuffs :p

Like adding a note.

Milo wrote on 2005/06/30:
Something like this? (Try the 'notes' link above)
I'd expand it with the option to edit and move current notes, but I'm sure somebody else has already built this...

Mathieu+'P01'+HENRI wrote on 2005/06/30:
It'd be cool to have the numbers, and that the note appear on hover of them. Gosh, why am I at work while I could fiddle on the bookmarklet :p

But yeah, you are certainly re-inventing the wheel.

Mathieu 'P01' HENRI wrote on 2005/07/01:
Indeed, it's been done already: