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October 2005

Flickr view big bookmarklet

I wrote this little bookmarklet to help me instantly grab the large/original version of any Flickr photo. Funnily enough, because of Flickr's consistent filenaming scheme, it also works for photos where the See different sizes option normally remains hidden:

view big (gets 1024px version; should work for most photos)

view original (gets full version as uploaded; works for photos pre-March 2007)

Drag the link above to your Bookmarks Toolbar (or right click, Add to Favorites), then click it when viewing a single Flickr photo page.

Here's the formatted source code, if you're into that sorta thing:

for (m in M=document.getElementsByTagName('img'))
  s = M[m].src;
  if (s && s.match(/static/) && !s.match(/_s|buddy/))

Ivan wrote on 2005/10/28:
wow very smrt and handy

Nick wrote on 2005/10/28:
Thanks for sharing this!

Ruben wrote on 2005/10/28:
You sneaky hacker! ;-)

Konstantinos wrote on 2005/11/08:
Very nice! Can it be modified to work for PNGs as well?

chris wrote on 2006/11/03:
I call it Bigr. Awesome.

r.j.m.vermeulen wrote on 2007/01/18:
I saw your photos

francis wrote on 2007/02/06:
this is really great i can use this on pc with windows
but with osx on my mackbook it dont work ;(.

juice wrote on 2007/03/07:
Doesn't seem to work under FF2 in Windows :-(

James wrote on 2007/03/07:
If you replace (s.replace('.jpg','_o.jpg') with (s.replace('.jpg','_b.jpg') rather than getting the original you can view the large version (1024x800).

Flickr have added a security feature to help protect the original.

Milo wrote on 2007/03/07:
Good point James. For the time being I've just split the bookmarklet into two version: one for _o and one for _b.