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April 2000

Internet Explorer 5 users: you know that built-in IE search-pane you almost never use? Well, you can now view a trimmed-down version of this page in your search-pane. Clicking on links will simply open them in the main window, while my page remains visible until the search-pane is closed again.

A well-constructed frameset could provide the same functionality, but that would hide the address and title of clicked links.

The trick to opening a URL of your choice in the search-pane is the following Javascript-command:

_search=open('your_url_here', '_search')

You would probably want to call this command via a hyperlink, like so:

<A HREF="javascript:void(_search=open('your_url_here', '_search'))">click me</A>

Jake wrote on 2002/04/04:
This is really cool but is there a way to make it non-resizeable and give it a width?

guilherme wrote on 2002/05/14:
this does not function in mac, why?

Dave wrote on 2002/08/23:
I'd also like to put my url in the search pane, but I can't seem to open it to the right size w/o scroll bars. Most of my content is off-screen. Anyone know a solution?

Rodolfo wrote on 2002/09/19:
and what about closing the search pane with javascript, is that possible?

Cor wrote on 2004/05/04:
Is it possiable with Mozilla?