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January 2006

The International Film Festival Rotterdam 2006 programme has been released! Featuring at least a couple of films that I have been looking forward to seeing for ages:
- Linda Linda Linda !!!
- Haze !!
- Princess Raccoon !
- Solntse
- Takeshis'
- Analife
- The Great Yokai War
- Citizen Dog
- Good Night, and Good Luck

Mathieu 'p01' HENRI wrote on 2006/01/19:
oO that site blocks Opera 8. Why ?! What's wrong with them ?

Milo wrote on 2006/01/19:
Ugh, that sucks. Only allowing a specific set of browsers is such a stupid design decision on an open-standard medium such as the web. Chances are it works fine in Opera anyway.

Mathieu 'p01' HENRI wrote on 2006/01/21:
It doesn't block OP9tp1, but their JavaScript based navigation ( AAaarrr!! ) completely fucks up the layout. I guess it's not even worth trying with Lynx.