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January 2006

IFFR day 6

Seen today:
Shanghai Dreams
La Perrerra
Langer Licht
One of the best things about this showing was the Q&A with director David Lammers afterwards, which was definitely the funniest and most enthousiastic I've seen yet.
NEXT: A Primer On Urban Painting
I wasn't expecting to vote 5-out-of-5 on a documentary this week, but I did today. This film is simply dripping with awesomeness; the first one I'm seriously considering attending a second time. Packed with so much inspirational and original and varied art and design from all over the world - all set to great music of course. Highlights: the trek deep into a cave below the Paris underground to find tags from the 19th century, the ninja-like Tokyo speed-taggers, and the pleasure of seeing the PIPSlab 3D lightsigs on a giant cinema screen.

Pablo Aravena, director of NEXT

frenchy wrote on 2006/02/03:
hi milov,
yep, I agree, twas an excellent documentary. Great to see the old school combined with the new. Especially LEE, awesome art!