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February 2006

IFFR 2006 recap

Number of feature-length films seen: 29

Number of short films seen: 7

Number of legs worn out from the constant sitting in cramped theaters: 2

Number of times I found myself sitting next to snoring journalists: 1 (maintaining my record from last year)

Favourites: It's Only Talk, NEXT, Linda Linda Linda, Play, Ahlaam, Princess Raccoon, Haze and Taking Father Home.

Also very good were: Blue Cha Cha, The Magicians, Citizen Dog, Black Brush, Some Kinda Love, Heart, Beating in the Dark and Langer Licht.

Funniest Q&A: David Lammers after Langer Licht.

Cutest producer/director couple: Peng Shan and Ying Liang of Taking Father Home.

Funniest moment in any film: the Don't try this at home, kids! freeze-frame in The Great Yokai War.

Number of films seen that feature a Susumu Terajima appearance: 1 (out of a possible 3), upping my Susumu-index from 24 to 25.

Best soundtracks: Linda Linda Linda, NEXT and Black Brush.

Best poster (though I can't find a big version online): Blue Cha Cha.

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