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March 2006

Hamburg graffiti

Ivan wrote on 2006/03/16:
=* dt_bg

Milo wrote on 2006/03/16:
nope, gonna need some help figuring that one out...

Martijn wrote on 2006/03/17:
desktop background?

Milo wrote on 2006/03/17:
Ahhh... I guess that makes some sort of sense. I can upload an even higher-res version.

Milo wrote on 2006/03/19:
People that like to leave cryptic messages indicating they're using certain photos as wallpaper, feel free to grab the full version here:

cineto wrote on 2006/03/22:
Very nice picture!
See also my snowy pics in Cineto Romano (Rome) ITALY


Animus_WKCREW_POLAND wrote on 2006/09/24:
nice bikes guys

Bekuh wrote on 2006/09/29:
Easily my favorite.

Karol z Polski;] wrote on 2007/01/02:
very nice bike jednym slowem za...!
co to jest wkcrew???