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April 2006

Powerpuff Girls hate nazis

Powerpuff Girls hate nazis
A brilliant poster I spotted in Duisburg on my way back from Hamburg. This makes me love the Powerpuff Girls even more than I already do.

Mathieu 'p01' HENRI wrote on 2006/04/12:
Don't mess with the Powerpuff Girls! You're no match.

irakli wrote on 2006/04/24:
Hi girls!

JewishGirl wrote on 2006/06/06:

JewishGirl wrote on 2006/06/06:

Andreas wrote on 2006/10/16:
Powerpuff girls did it again!
Ofcourse its kinda funny because girl cartoons that are like...8-11 years old
are anti Nazis?
Ofcourse i hate Nazis to!

Sharon wrote on 2006/11/12:
I hate nazis soooo much! jews r the best im jewish and it means a lot to me that there is someone to share the pain of wat the nazis did to the jews! the person who made this site rockz my sockz!!!!!!!!!!

max wrote on 2006/12/28:
hi i´m from germany!
i hate nazis too!!!
but please don´t think, all german peoples are nazis!!!!!!!!
only motherfuckers

unAnonymous wrote on 2007/04/16:
So, Powerpuff Girls are jewish girls...

JewPride wrote on 2007/05/20:
I was in Germany less then a year ago -It was my first time there - I did not know what to expect. The owner of the hotel I was staying at was a survivor. I was so tripped out to meet him. I took him to dinner one night - He had so many stories in him. I think about when the holocaust had happened, and I think about Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and I'm sure so many other events that possibly were not documented - I get so saddened that these actions and so many others -had occurred not so long ago. In Palestine - a person (usually under 21) is treated like a star if he or she kills a Jew. Some cocksucker had paid a twelve-year old kid twenty Sheckles (which is about four dollars) to strap himself with bombs and try to kill as many people as he could - so that he goes to heaven and earns his family some respect. I mean kids are kids - so easily influenced by others, so easily mislead. They caught him at the border. The world doesn’t understand what it means to be Jewish. We have dealt with more shit then any other culture. If you look into the history – If anyone looks – they will see how much crap our people have swallowed throughout history. It all boils down to one thing – Jealousy. How is it that a certain group of people can go through slavery, genocide, racial hatred, pain, pain, pain – over and over again and still have their heads up? Still keep family so sacred? Still be able to succeed in whatever they desire doing? And others that hate us for it – instead of giving us the respect that we have certainly earned, they choose to believe that we are some character in their nightmares. If they were smart, which I have seen that many are, they would instead learn from our experiences instead of fearing our existence. Hitler and his Nazis where just a bunch of haters that could not understand how it is that we would land on our feet no matter where we get dropped -like cats. Jealousy – instead of stepping up to the challenge in a game they created in their own heads and wanted to play, he could only see that a win will only be accomplished if he simply got rid of the competition. And even then he got nothing more then a bullet in his head, that he had himself placed, was the result of his faith. I believe that the Nazis’ were nothing but a bunch of idiots that at one point had too much power and simply did not know what to do with it. Even today it is so easy to see that people who hate on others, simply for their culture and beliefs, are loners that have a lot missing in their lives – and instead of working and earning, they choose to hate. It is always easier to destroy then to build.

Jessica wrote on 2007/07/16:
I'm so glad there are other people in the world who hate Nazis as much as I do. I'm not Jewish, but have any of you heard of the Swing Kids? They were a real group of teenagers in Hamburg Germany during World War Two who HATED the Nazis and the horrible things the Nazis were doing. They rebelled by listening to Swing music from England and America. Swing music was not accepted in Nazi Germany becase it was usually written by a black or Jewish person. I pretty much consider myself to be a Swing kid, because I am addicted to Swing, it's my favourite kind of music. I practically think and agree with what the Swing Kids did in almost every aspect. Haha, it's great. Swing Kids are my heroes!!!! And they also made fun of the Nazis by creating their own saying: instead of "Seig Heil" like all the Nazis would say, they said "SWING Heil!"
Because of my and my Swing Kid pride, I proudly say SWING HEIL!!!!!

nazi wrote on 2007/07/26:
i love nazis

Jessica wrote on 2007/08/06:
^^^ :o WELL I HATE YOU!!! >:(
Omg, I can't believe you have the nerve to say that, you jerk!

Krissy wrote on 2007/08/30:
that was halarious, hahahah.

Dor wrote on 2007/10/30:
I hate Nazis.
they are the ones that should be killed,not the jewish people!

Antinazi wrote on 2007/11/08:
I would shoot a nazi in his head,and 1 bullet to his balls , just to prove how pussy he is.nazi teenagers -THIS IS THE END .

othmane wrote on 2008/01/10:
ik ben othmane in morokko

D wrote on 2008/05/27:
You know what? My great grandpa was a Nazi, and i am not very fond of them either. Do you know the shame i have to live with? He killed innocent people. I am so sorry. I have Jewish friends and always feel bad. But why do you need to hate their kids and grand kids? I feel very sorry for those Jewish people, no one deserves that. If you had anybody killed, i am sorry.

Jeremy wrote on 2008/08/15:
I HATE Nazis sooo fucking much

k wrote on 2008/12/02:
I can think of many reasons to hate people, but I choose not to hate.

Sebottendorf wrote on 2009/02/28:
ok u stupid jewish dogmonglers lovers thats not the nazi swastika thats the budhism and hindu symbol=>powerpuff girls are nazi and that isnt a swastika its a sauwastika and jewish motherfuckers stop complaining about your stupid lives you carry with you something that cant be changed easily:nucleotides of inferiority and nazis had the right,because they were more evolved that meaning superior they had the rights to do what they wanted with you bitches

__________ wrote on 2009/06/03:
No, I don't like Nazis but what you people are saying is wrong, you should not want to torture them, because we would be sinking to their level. I'm Jewish, but when we were liberated during WWII we didn't torture Nazis, shoot them or make them feel the pain we did... we simply stopped Nazi rule and showed we are higher than them, we keep the peace, we can't do what the Nazis did because then we are as bad as them.

Craig wrote on 2010/04/02:
Fuck the nazis they are all scumbags.

I hate nazis wrote on 2010/04/05:
I raped a nazi just last weekend

NorthernIrish Lad wrote on 2010/04/05:
All nazis are pricks fuck the lot of them

I hate nazis wrote on 2010/04/08:
Nazis are racist homophobic twats.