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April 2006

madurodam ice3
chinese tourists looking at a dutch windmill built by chinese ice sculptors at a dutch themepark

Yuri Vorontsov wrote on 2006/04/27:
Plain weird. Wow!

Jan! wrote on 2006/05/01:
How very meta! (Well, not meta, but that is a bit of a catchall word nowadays.)

Did those tourists bring their own body warmers, or are they included in the entrance fee?

Milo wrote on 2006/05/01:
Actually, before you walk into the giant freezer (kept at -10 degrees Celcius), you're handed these body warmers. And upon exiting you're supposed to give them back (or so I figured out despite being blinded from my suddenly fogged-up glasses).

Jan! wrote on 2006/05/02:
Oh, nice. There was a similar thing here in Bruges (see my link) last January. We sure didn't get no warmers, no-sirrie!

Do you also think of somewhat random yet still related Google queries when you look at things? I thought: hey, I wonder if there's anyone who punned "Invasion of the Body Warmers" before. (There is.)