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July 2006


Jan! wrote on 2006/07/06: :-)

Jan! wrote on 2006/07/06:
First do this:
javascript:with (document.images[0]) { oldsrc = src; newsrc = ''; } void 0

Then do this a few times:
javascript:with (document.images[0]) { src = (src == newsrc ? oldsrc : newsrc); } void 0

Milo wrote on 2006/07/06:
Gheh!!! Very cool... Sort of a nice black/white contrast between your photo and mine.

Jan! wrote on 2006/07/06:
Yeah, that's what I thought, too. I believe the store in my picture was also an Esprit.

Milo wrote on 2006/07/06:
This one is also pretty awesome btw:

Jan! wrote on 2006/07/06:
You have *no* idea how bothersome it is always having to lug a giant panda around just on the off chance I might come across a suitable fenced window.

I mean: why, thanks, much obliged!

Milo wrote on 2006/07/06:
I think it's worth lugging around though, if it results in pics like these :)

There are actually some people that carry specific dolls and toys around everywhere, with great result:

Jan! wrote on 2006/07/10:
Yeah, I had already seen and like the Nikon-visiting doll. I believe you linked to it once, no?

The "pinky:st adventures" is too, erm, Powerpuffy for me, though.

Milo wrote on 2006/07/10:
Indeed, I found the KUROI NEKO again by browsing my old linkdumps :)

Hey you should upload some photos to your Flickr account... Then I can finally mark them as Fave :P

Jan! wrote on 2006/07/10:
Sure, I'll upload them. Just as soon as I finish my blog.

Jan! wrote on 2006/07/10:
While I'm at, here's a bookmarklet I made and wanted to share. Inspired by the crop note on

javascript:janbm_cropr: var id = document.location.href.match('https?://[^/]+/photos/[^/]+/([0-9]+)')[1], src = document.getElementById('photoImgDiv' + id).getElementsByTagName('img')[0], x = src.x, y = src.y, img = src.cloneNode(false), notes = document.getElementById('photo_notes'); if (src.nextSibling) { src.parentNode.removeChild(src.nextSibling); } with (img) { setAttribute('clipTop', 0); setAttribute('clipRight', width); setAttribute('clipBottom', height); setAttribute('clipLeft', 0); } with ( { position = 'absolute'; left = x + 'px'; top = y + 'px'; } src.src = '/images/spaceball.gif'; src.parentNode.appendChild(img); notes.onmousemove = img.onmousemove = src.onmousemove = function (e) { if (e.ctrlKey) { img.setAttribute('clipRight', e.pageX - x); img.setAttribute('clipBottom', e.pageY - y); } else if (e.shiftKey) { img.setAttribute('clipLeft', e.pageX - x); img.setAttribute('clipTop', e.pageY - y); } with (img) { document.clip = style.clip = 'rect(' + getAttribute('clipTop') + 'px, ' + getAttribute('clipRight') + 'px, ' + getAttribute('clipBottom') + 'px, ' + getAttribute('clipLeft') + 'px)'; } }; notes.ondblclick = img.ondblclick = src.ondblclick = function (e) { with (img) { setAttribute('clipTop', 0); setAttribute('clipRight', width); setAttribute('clipBottom', height); setAttribute('clipLeft', 0); } = 'auto'; }; void 0;

If you hover over the picture while holding down Shift or Ctrl, you can change the crop using the CSS clip property.

Bekuh wrote on 2006/09/29:
kind of creepy.