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August 2006

hidden Flickr referrers

Looking at my Flickr most-viewed photos stats just now, I was surprised at how many views this photo had gotten - 542 views with barely any comments or faveings! As it turns out that might have something to do with the fact that it's actually the 4th(!) result in Google for the phrase no smoking allowed - while a copy of the same photo on my own site is the 5th result.

Which makes me wonder how many other people end up on my Flickr photostream via Google, or via any other site for that matter, without me realizing it... I guess it's too much to ask Flickr to offer personalized referrer listings for stats-addicts like me. :)

This problem is solved, for Pro-users anyway, with the recent introduction of Flickr Stats!

Nancy Marchioro wrote on 2006/08/04:
The other day I saw this service, but since I don't have a Flickr account...
Maybe it's of some use!
Best Regards. 8)

Nancy+Marchioro wrote on 2006/08/04:
Soooo cooool! My Favicon shows up beside the link to my url! Love it. Sorry for posting this comment here, but I just HAD to congratulate you! I LOVE your creativity!

Ruben wrote on 2006/08/04:
Nice link, Nancy.

Ruben wrote on 2006/08/04:
But no favicon...

Milo wrote on 2006/08/05:
Thanks for the very nice compliment, Nancy! But as Ruben noticed it doesn't always work - must do some more testing :)

Martijn wrote on 2006/08/09:
Favicon works here... Hey, you've joined the 500 Views Pool! nice :)

Milo wrote on 2006/08/09:
I've even got a photo in the 1000 Views Pool:

Jan! wrote on 2006/08/10:
Wouldn't it be cool[*] if the favicon for Flickr pages were the user's icon? Maybe you can implement that in your Favicon Fetcher, Milo?

[*] Relatively speaking

Milo wrote on 2006/08/10:
It would be cool, yes; but so far Martijn is the only person to ever leave his flickr page as url here, so I'm in no rush to implement it.

Martijn wrote on 2006/08/10:
I feel special :)