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September 2006


frenchy! wrote on 2006/09/25:
oooooooow.. tasty!

Jan! wrote on 2006/09/25:

Milo! wrote on 2006/09/26:
What's with the exclamation mark, frenchy? It's as if you knew that Jan! would be commenting here as well :)

Jan! wrote on 2006/09/26:
lol :-) (that's right: lowercase and no exclamation mark, especially for you guys)

Also, "now there's the inflated sense of self-esteem!"

milo wrote on 2006/09/26:
How many milo's on web?

frenchy! wrote on 2006/10/08:
Heheh.. With exclamation mark is the correct one, but kinda inconsistent use of my nick ;)
Jan! - self-esteem? what?!?where?how?!?