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January 2007

How to disable those annoying Snap linkhover website thumbnail previews that are everywhere these days [via]

frenchy! wrote on 2007/01/30:
wow.. is it that annoying, milo?
be honest, now.. ;o)

Milo wrote on 2007/01/30:
Hah oops you're using them too eh? :)
Yeah, now I can enjoy calmly reading your text without all those overlays popping up every time I hit a link!

frenchy! wrote on 2007/01/30:
I'm not mad at you, just disappointed, heheh..
Yeah, I've been thinking about disabling the thingy. We'll see..

Milo wrote on 2007/01/30:
Well, you can do what you like now, I won't see them anyway ;)
Humanity has gotten along fine for thousands of years without seeing pre-click thumbnail previews of websites, and I still don't feel much need for it myself.