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June 2007

Book By Its Cover - a booklog

edison wrote on 2007/06/14:
Unfortunatelythis link doesn't work :( what's theproblem?

Milo wrote on 2007/06/14:
Sure it does.
Anyway, you're a comment spammer and are complaining about a link not working?

Marina wrote on 2007/06/14:
But still! the link does not work! Only the "page cannot be displayed" results.
No matter what a person does with his/her comments, the problem is in your link I suppose ;) and even spammers have the right to see what you are linking to :)

edison wrote on 2007/06/14:
If you don’t want to receive comments… why then you allow them?

Milo wrote on 2007/06/14:
Oops, guess the site is offline indeed. I hope it will be back soon.

Oh I don't mind getting comments, it's just that the urls that you leave under all those different names always turn out to be some lame front for a Cyprus travel company or crap like that. Which is why I remove them from your posts.

edison wrote on 2007/06/15:
Thank you! You are so kind and suspicious! :)