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March 2010

Having fun exploring this 5GB collection of free SXSW 2010 mp3s - nice to see Balmorhea's "Bowsprit" is in there too.

Full tracklisting (Part 1):
1001 Nights Orchestra - Laz Bar
9th Wonder - No Comparison
Aa - Mossy
Absu - Between The Absu Of Eridu and Erech
Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso UFO - Pink Lady Lemonade
Adonis Puentes - Mi Flor
Adventure - battle cat
AkashA - Bourbon Lassi
Akina Adderley and The Vintage Playboys - I'm Gone
Alessandra Leao - Varanda
Alina Simone - Beautiful Machine
Allo Darlin - My Heart Is A Drummer
Alvarez Kings - You Me Us Them
Amber Rubarth - Edge of My Seat
Amelia Curran - The Mistress
AmpLive - Gary Is A Robot
Anamanaguchi - Blackout City
Andy Clockwise - Love And War
And So I Watch You From Afar - Set Guitars to Kill
Angry Vs The Bear - I Sing We Sing
Anime Winds - Entracte
Anita Tijoux - 1977
Antennas Up - Don't Wait Up
Anti-Pop Consortium - Volcano
Anton Bjorkenvall - Love Will Always Get Us Down
Anya Marina - All The Same To Me
April Smith and the Great Picture Show - Colors
Arborea - Dance Sing Fight
Arms - Tiger Tamer
Attack! Attack! - You And Me
At Versaris - A Cada Passa
Aurora Plastics Company - glorious Rainmaker Welcomes Brother Storm
Autumn Owls - Raindrops in the River
Averse Sefira - Serpent Recoil
Avi Buffalo - What's In It For
Ayah - Might Not Be
A Shoreline Dream - hypermode
B-Real of Cypress Hill - FIRE
Bad Sports - And It Goes
Banda Desenhada - Enquanto o mundo sai de ferias
Banda de Turistas - El Rogadero
Banner Pilot - Skeleton Key
Bare Wires - Romantic Girl
Basia Bulat - Gold Rush
Beans on Toast - The Price of Rice
BigBang - Play Louder
Big AL - The Opening Act
Big Freedia - Gin In My System
Big Sid - Streets Love Me
Billy the Kid - These City Lights
Bird by Bird - She Calls
Bird Peterson - Big Weapons Anthem
Bisco Smith - Morning Breath
Blacklisted Individuals - Dance Sucka!
Black Eyed Dog - Honeysuckle Gal
Black Mike and Kemistry - have this drink
Black Sheep (DRES) - Forever Luvlee
Black Tusk - Death March
Blair - Hello Halo
Blessure Grave - Stranger in the House
Blind Man's Colour - Jimmy Dove
Bliss N Eso - The Sea Is Rising
Bo-Peep - Power
Boats - TV Scientist
Boat Beam - The Rain Pauly
Bobby Bare Jr - The Heart Bionic
Brahms - Toward The Ghost
BrainStorm - Years and Seconds
Breakestra - joyful noise
Break of Reality - Spectrum of the Sky
Broadcast 2000 - Get up and Go
Broadway Calls - Midnight Hour
Brownout - Olvidalo
Buckshot - Survival Skills
Butterfly Explosion - Closer
Callaghan - Smile
Camisama - i am hitler
Canja Rave - Badango
Capsula - found and lost
Carney - Love Me Chase Me
Carolyn Mark - All Time Low
Carrie Rodriguez - 50's French Movie (from Live in Louisville)
Casiokids - Fot i hose
Cate Le Bon - Hollow Trees House Hounds
Catherine MacLellan - Set This Heart On Fire
Caucus - SING
Cerronato - Mi Compadre Bernabe
Charades - Grito tu nombre
Chatham County Line - Chip of a Star
Chico Mann - Ya Yo Se
Choir of Young Believers - Action Reaction
Christopher and The Souls - Diamonds Rats and Gum
Christopher Rees - Heart On Fire
Chris Gerniottis - Bad Girl
Chris Pureka - Wrecking Ball
Chris T-T - Love Is Not Rescue
City Riots - Signs
Cobra Skulls - Rebel Fate
Colin Gilmore - Black Vines
Colourmusic - Yes!
Contra Coup - Rudie Has Fallen
Cool Nutz - Love Iz
Copacabana Club - Just Do It
Corb Lund - Devil's Best Dress
Cosmo Jarvis - She's got you
Crayon Fields - All The Pleasures Of The World
Crown Royale - We Gotcha
Crystal Antlers - Swollen Sky
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Wind Phoenix
D-MAUB - Let's Go
Damaged Good$ - Salt Shaker
Daniel Francis Doyle - How Can You Work
Dan Dyer - Sorry Baby
Darlings of Chelsea - I Want Your Love
Darren Hanlon - Electric Skeleton
Dash and Will - Out Of Control
Dave Rave - Anne-Marie
David Fonseca - A Cry 4 Love
David Francey - The Waking Hour
David Garza - Kill That Joy
Dawn Kinnard - Island
DD MM YYYY - Bronzage
Delhi 2 Dublin - Apples remix
Denitia Odigie - Lover
Dexter Freebish - Everybody Knows Somebody
Diagonals - Neil Diamond Blues
Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs
Dignan - Two Steps
Diplomats of Solid Sound - Get Out Of The Way...(So I Can Get Back To My Life)
Dirty Epics - White Out
Dirty Sweet - You've Been Warned
DJ Car Stereo (Wars) - One More Workout Shawty
DJ CFCF - Big Love
DJ Evil Dee - Gotcha Opin Remix
DJ Jubilee - Take It To The St. Thomas
DJ Revolution - The DJ
Doces Cariocas - Quanto Tempo
Dolly - Toki no Ressha
Dominique Leone - Showstarter
Drew Smith's Lonely Choir - Bank Aint Got The Loan
Drive-By Truckers - Birthday Boy
Drive like Maria - I'm on a train
Dustin O'Halloran - Death of a President
D Black - Yesterday
Eagle Claw - HELM
Ear Pwr - Future Eyes
Efterklang - Modern Drift
Eisley - Ambulance
ELEW - Mr. Brightside
Elle Bandita - Poison She
El Tule - Cumbia Cubana Electrica
Erika Machado - Sei La
Eva and The Heartmaker - Superhero
Everything Everything - My Keys Your Boyfriend
Eyeris - Not Me
Ezra Furman and the Harpoons - Take Off Your Sunglasses
Failsafe - Hope
Fair to Midland - Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes
Fake Problems - Diamond Rings
Fangs - Cos I Said So (Kid Gloves Mix)
Fat Pimp - Maserati
Finale - Motor Music
Floating Action - 50 Lashes
Follow That Bird! - The Ghosts That Wake You
Forest City Lovers - If I Were A Tree
Fouled Out - Smile From A Veil
Francis - I Was Never Bored At All
Freaky Age - Excitement In The Morning Light
Freddie Gibbs - What It Be Like
Gadarene - The Beast
Gagakirise - Flower
Gerald G - How I Was Raised
Get Busy Committee - I Don't Care About You
Gigamesh - I'll Get You (feat. Jeppe) (Gigamesh Remix)
Gin Wigmore - Too Late For Lovers
Girls Guns and Glory - Temptation
Giulia y los Tellarini - BARCELONA
Givers - Ceiling Of Plankton
Glenn White's Sacred Machines - Washington Heights
Glint - Freak
Gloria Cycles - Chancer
Glossary - Lonely Is A Town
Goes Cube - Bluest Sky
Golden Boys - She Said it
Go Chic - Hard Date
Grady - If I Was King
Grand Analog - I Play My Kazoo
Grand Atlantic - She's A Dreamer
Grand Hallway - Raindrops
Grass Widow - Lulu's Lips
Grimy Styles - Jr. Kong Pt.2
Grynch - My Volvo
Gudrid Hansdottir - Stjornur
Guitar Shorty - We The People
Hammer No More The Fingers - Shutterbug
Harlem - Witchgreens
Ha Ha Tonka - Walking On The Devil's Backbone
Headdress - The Lost White Brother
Helen Boulding - BLOWN AWAY
Hemoptysis - Shadow of Death
Hermano L - Lo mas
Hey Rosetta! - New Goodbye
High On Fire - Frosthammer
Hogni - Soul Company
Holy Rolling Empire - Mostly Bananas
Homeboy Sandman - Angels With Dirty Faces
Home Video - I Can Make You Feel It
Hopewell - Island
Hot Panda - Cold Hands Chapped Lips
House of Broken Promises - Blister
Howlies - Angeline
Hypnogaja - Welcome To The Future
Idiot Pilot - Red Museum
iLL-Literacy - Circus Nights
Imaad Wasif - Fangs
Imagine Dragons - Selene
Inch Chua - Rule The World
Inhabitants - Kurt's Dirt
Instiga - Tenho uma banda (I Have A Band)
Instrumenti - Life Jacket Under Your Seat
Intimate Stranger - under
Invincible - Don't Sleep
It's True! - Take This One From Me
Ivan and Alyosha - Easy To Love
I Fight Dragons - Heads Up Hearts Down
Jacob's Ladder - Home Alone Tonight
Japanther - River Phoenix
Jason Collett - Love Is A Dirty Word
Jazzus Lizard - Seasick
Jen Wood - Pills
JinnyOops! - TOKI
Joe Pug - Hymn 101
John Dear Mowing Club - The First Time I Heard Townes Singing
John Smith - invisible boy
Jonna Lee - My High
Jonneine Zapata - Good Looking
Jon Kennedy - Boom Clack
Josh Charles - The Waiting Game
Josh Martinez - Responsibility
Jukebox the Ghost - Hold it In
Julianna Barwick - Cloudbank
Julia Marcell - Carousel
Julia Says - Salto Alto
Julie Neumark - Spare Change
Julie Peel - Living In A Movie
Junius - Elisheva I Love You
Jupiter One - Volcano
Justin Rutledge - A Penny For The Band
J Kapone - Do You Wanna Ride
K-Drama - Air Jordan
Kaiser Cartel - Carroll Street Station
Kam Franklin - be with you
Kam Moye aka Supastition - Blue Skies
Kashmir - Surfing The Warm Industry
kasms - Bone You
Kaspar - Phoenix
Kate Miller-Heidke - Caught In The Crowd
Katie Stelmanis - Believe Me
Katie V - Fight For Love
Keelay and The Park with Ragen Fykes - Keelay and The Park - Addicts For Real ft. The Park Tunji Thurzday (U.N.I.) Kam Moye and Ragen Fykes
Kelsey Wild - Wishing Well
Kerretta - The Square Outside
Kev Brown - The Random Joint
Kidz In The Hall - Jukebox
Kiernan McMullan - Ballad of a Shallow Man
Kilians - Fight The Start
Kill The Noise - All Too Vivid
Kingston - Good Good Feeling
King of Conspiracy - stay in line
King of Spain - Animals (Part One)
Kittens Ablaze - This Machine is Dying
Kona - Hold on
Kosha Dillz - L.A. ISH
L.A.B. - Segundo Andar
Lady Dottie and The Diamonds - I Ain't Mad at Ya
Laura Jansen - The End
Laurel Collective - Fax of Death
La Strada - Wash on By
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez - Unseen Silver
Let's Wrestle - We Are the Men You'll Grow to Love Soon
Le Loup - Forgive Me
Lights - Saviour
Lindsey - Beautiful Day
Linfinity - Holy Rain
Linus Of Hollywood - When Are We Gonna Do It
Lions - Gimme Riot
Lissie - Little Lovin'
Little Black Dress - Robin
Little Brazil - Brighton Beach
Little Girls - Tambourine
Lo-Star - Why So Low
Longital - Zrkadlo - Mirror
Los Amparito - Por Medio De La Lectura
Los Planetas - Romance de Juan de Osuna
Los Texas Wranglers - Un Poquito De Carino
Lou Barlow - Take Advantage
Love of Everything - Birds Ice Cream and Whales
Low Line Caller - Lose
Loxsly - Battalions
Lucy And The Popsonics - I Wanna Be Your Tamagotchi
Lucy Woodward - He Got Away
Luder - Sing to Me
Luke Doucet - The Comandante
M. Takara 3 - Tanto Faz
Madame Recamier - Pam Pam Pam
Madi Diaz - Let's Go
Mads Langer - You're Not Alone
Magic Magic - Sleepy Lion
Make the Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby
Malachai - Snowflake
Maldita Vecindad y Los Hijos del Quinto Patio - Pura Diversion
Malente - bangkok (feat bonde do role)
Mantler - Fresh and Fair
Maps and Atlases - You and Me and The Mountain
Marco Polo and Torae - Double Barrel
Maren Parusel - Dear Love
Margaret Cho - Eat Shit and Die
Marianne Dissard - La Peau Du Lait
Mark Mulholland - Hands of a Clock
Matchcuts - Untitles2
Maybe It's Reno - Baby's Lost in Tracks
MegaRex - ALIEN
Meiko - Under My Bed
Melissa Ferrick - One
Melissa McClelland - Glenrio
Michael Bellar the AS-IS Ensemble - Squashing Pollyanna
Michael Feinberg - Evil Genius
Middle Finger Salute - I'm Going All The Way
Migas - jmos revenge
Miho Wada - Piss Off (such a loser!)
Minipop - Precious
Mini Mansions - Majik Marker
Miss Li - Bourgeois Shangri-La
MoJoe - Carried Away
Moon Duo - Stumbling 22nd St
More Or Les - Pop N Chips
Mountain Man - Animal Tracks
Mount Carmel - Still Listening
Mr Sicc - Ear To The Street
Muchuu - Adventure We Go
Mumiy Troll - Mumiy Troll - Paradise Ahead
Munch Munch - CYCLORAMA
Murmansk - Sweet Trio
MyNameIsJohnMichael - Misery Runs
My Dad is Dead - Carolina Blue
My Education - Oars
Naam - Skyling Slip
Natalia Mallo - Coracao em po
Nat Jenkins - The Message
Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
NiCad - Paradise
Nico Stai - Dead Pony
Night On Earth - crocus
Nobody Beats The Drum - Purple Cactus
Noise Beat Propaganda - Sexy Neon Wine
Notekillers - Airport
Noush Skaugen - Run Baby Run
No te va gustar - El Camino
Obi Best - It's Because of People Like You
Oddisee - Hip Hop's Cool Again
of Verona (Mandi Perkins) - Why Pretend
Oh Mercy - Get You Back
Oh No Ono - Helplessly Young
Ola Podrida - Roomful Of Sparrows
Olof Arnalds - Klara
One Be Lo - Reality Check
Onili - Games
Ora Cogan - Daughter
Orba Squara - Very Very (Snow In June)
Orchid and Hound - Thursday
Orgone - Who Knows Who
Orphaned Land - Sapari
Oy - First Box Then Walk
Ozomatli - Can't Stop
Paleface - Dancin Daze
Palenke Soultribe - Palenke From The Jungle (Oro Remix)
Paleo - Pharaoh
:papercutz - A secret search.
Papier Tigre - Restless Empire
Parlour Steps - Little Pieces
Parlovr - Pen To The Paper
Parry Gripp - Hamster On A Piano
Partners N Crime - Pump Tha Party
Past Lives - Hext Takes Hold
Patafunk - New Sensation
Paul Benjaman Band - Somethin'
Paul Dempsey (from "Something for Kate") - Bats
Pepi Ginsberg - Summer Sick As Love
Peter Wolf Crier - Untitled 101
Pets With Pets - The Girl Up And Down
Pictureplane - Goth Star
Pimpbot - Baseball
Pirate Love - A Kiss Hello
PJ Morton - The One
Plants and Animals - Tom Cruz
Plastic Crimewave Sound - Shockwave Rider
Please The Trees - Red Sky
Pop Shuvit - Old Skool Rocka
Pree - In the Parlor
Priestess - Ladykiller
Princeton - Shout It Out
Promise - Something's Missing
Psychic Reality - SELA (SEEING-EYE LION)
Quantic and his Combo Barbaro - Un Canto A Mi Tierra
R.Sigma - Nublado
Race Horses - Cake
Rachael Cantu - Devil's Thunder
Rafter - Fruit
Random aka Mega Ran - Splash Woman
Ratas del Vaticano - Que Vivan Los buenos Amigos Y El Rock and Roll
Rauberhohle - My heart bleeps noisy beeps
Reading Rainbow - The Sun is Out
Real Vocal String Quartet - Kothbiro
Rebelle - Wake Me
Resplandor - Downfall
Richard Barone - GLOW
Robert Francis - Junebug
Rochelle Terrell - Forever
Rockwell Knuckles - Government Name (Spontaneous Lover)
Rock of Heltah Skeltah - D.I.R.T.
Rubik - Wasteland
Ruby Isle - So Damn High (Will Eastman Club Edit)
Ruste Juxx - Get Up
Sabrina - Right Way
Sabrina Starke - Do For Love
Saint Motel - Butch
Salome - The Vivification Of Kerr
Samantha is The Highway Girl - At the Laundr-O-mat
SambaDa - Iguana
San Saba County - The Devil and Marie
Sasquatch - Soul Shaker
Sass Jordan - Why Did You
Scanners - Salvation
Schaffer the Darklord - Arrival of the Fittest
Sean Price - P Body
Sebastien Schuller - weeping willow
Serengeti - My Patriotism
Serious Sam Barrett - Lay a White Rose
Servile Sect - Only the Sky is Gentle
Sex With Strangers - New City Anthem
Shannon Bourne - Dark Things
Sharon van Etten - Consolation Prize
She Keeps Bees - Gimmie
Shine - Mind Dance (feat. Terry Reid)
Shwayze - Get U Home
Silver Starling - Closer
Simona - Simona - Drudge Pod
Skybox - In a Dream
Skyzoo - Popularity
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Americadio
Small Black - Despicable Dogs
Smif N Wessun - Paid 2 Rage
Smith Westerns - Be My Girl
Snowbyrd - Is It On
Sofia Talvik - Jonestown
Sole and The Skyrider Band - Battlefields
Solid Gold - Synchronize
Solillaquists of Sound - New Sheriff in Town
Sol Okarina - Calypso Town
Sonny and The Sunsets - Too Young To Burn
Sonodaband - Soul River
Sophie Barker - Say Goodbye
Soulico - Exotic on the Speaker (Feat. Rye Rye)
So Cow - Moon Guen Young
Speak - You Know As Well
Spring Tigers - New Improved Formula
Standard Fare - Standard Fare
Star and Micey - So Much Pain (feat. Luther Dickinson)
Steel Train - You and I Undercover
Stella By Starlight - The Tour (ft Gwyn Fowler)
Stephanie Nilles - A Great Notion
StereoHeroes - Lamborghini Lungz
Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man
Steve Poltz - Dreamhouse
Strait Laces - Where The Wolf Roam
Stricken City - Pull The House Down
St Deluxe - New Wave Stars
Suckers - Save Your Love For Me
Summer Cats - Summer Cats
Superdrag - keep it close to me
Superlasciva - Te Amordace
Superlitio - Perro come Perro
Surfer Blood - Swim
Surrounded - Safe Tomorrow Sun
Suzanna Choffel - Raincloud
Swimming With Dolphins - Pajama Party
Sylvia Patricia - Lagrimas e vodka
Systema Solar - Bienvenidos
Tacks the Boy Disaster - Forget Me Not
Takashi Kamide - takashi KAMIDE
Tape Deck Mountain - On My Honor
TarantisT - Say Hail
Telephunken - YEAH YEAH
Terp 2 It - O
Texas Tornados - Who's To Blame Senorita
Thee Vicars - Feel so good
These United States - I Want You To Keep Everything
The 88 - Love Is The Thing
The Anix - Resident One
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Around The Bend
The Beauties - Wastin' Time
The Beauvilles - Pretty In Pale
The Bewitched Hands on the Top of our Heads - Work
The Black - Little Hits
The Black Atlantic - Heirloom
The Black Watch - ?kinda sorta?
The Black and White Years - To Modern Science
The Blind Shake - Wise Mr. Owl
The Bloodsugars - Light At The End Of The Tunnel
The Boxer Rebellion - Flashing Red Light Means Go
The Bright Light Social Hour - Back and Forth (Part 2)
The Brought Low - The Kelly Rose
The Chapman Family - Kids
The City Lives - You Gotta Let Go
The Clutters - Surrender
The Coal Men - Kids With Songs
The Coal Porters - No More Chains
The Coast - Heartbreak City
The Coolness - Trouser Arouser
The Crookes - Chorus Of Fools
The Cynics - The Warning
The Dandies - Battle Cry
The Daylights - Rogue Machine (Say That You Want Me)
The Deaf - I'm Alive
The Death Set - Negative Thinking
The Deep Dark Woods - Charlie's (Is Coming Down)
The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me
The Dolomites (Stevhen Iancu) - Wakannai (I DON'T KNOW)
The Downbeat 5 - Dum Dum Ditty
The Dutchess and the Duke - Living This Life Makes it Hard
The Ferocious Few - Kathleen
The Gates Of Slumber - Blood and Thunder
The Ghost of a Thousand - Bright Lights
The Golden Filter - Hide Me
The Good The Bad - 004
The Grip Weeds - Thing Of Beauty
The Growlers - Something Someone Jr.
The Happy Hollows - High Wire
The Heavenly States - Oui Camera Oui
The Hong Kong Blood Opera - Cansei De Ser Gangsta
The Hounds Below - Crawling Back to You
The Invisible - London Girl
The Joys - Hard Makin Money
The Laughing - Runner
The Law - Don't Stop Believe
The Lonely Forest - We Sing In Time
The Lovely Eggs - Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion
The Lovely Feathers - Lowiza
The Low Anthem - Charlie Darwin
The Main Street Gospel - All Your Love Is Gone
The Maldives - Time Is Right Now
The Moondoggies - Changing
The Mother Hips - White Falcon Fuzz
The Nervous Wreckords - Doin it to Do it
The Non - Pigeon Force
The Novas - William Junior
The Pack A.D. - Crazy
The Peelies - The Devil and I
The Pharmacy - Coldest Morning Light
The Pinholes - Shake and Bake
The Rifle Volunteer - End Season
The River Raid - Alright
The Rubies (from The Emeralds) - Time For Countdown
The Sour Notes - Do-ers and Say-ers
The Spring Standards - Goodbye Midnight
The Steps - Out Tonight
The Strange Boys - Be Brave
The Tenant - The Stranger
The Trews - Sing Your Heart Out
The Trishas - Whistling Past The Graveyard
The Unthanks - Lucky Gilchrist
The Wailin' Yeahs - I Caught Her
The Wave Pictures - Come On Daniel
The Young Republic - The Alchemist
The Zeros - Wimp
Think About Life - Sweet Sixteen
Those Darlins - Red Light Love
Thrift Store Cowboys - Sidewalk Song
Throttlerod - Buffalo
Through the Sparks - Like a Dove
Thunder Power - Take A Hike
Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! - Crime Wave
Timber Timbre - Demon Host
Tommy Reilly - Gimme a call
Tone (Denmark) - I Am Long
Toro Y Moi - Blessa
Toy Horses - Interrupt
Transfer - My Suspicions
Trash Talk - Dig
Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor
Treetop Flyers - Mountain Song
Truth Universal - GRASSROOTS! Campaign
Tuh-nie and Gnaws - Brueke Beat
TV Torso - the Black Mask
Twin Atlantic - What is Light Where is Laughter
Twin Tigers - Automatic
Two Star Symphony - Goblin Attack!
T Bird and the Breaks - JuJu Baby
U.S. Christmas - The Scalphunters
Ume - The Conductor
Uncle Lucius - Mississippi Highway
Unicorn Kid - Wee Monsters
Unni Lovlid - Vind kom
Uvilov - Cuack!!!
Vadoinmessico - In Spain
Vallejo - Sweet Maria
Venus Flytrap - Shoot The Breeze
Verona - Mark of Excellence
Via Tania - Fields
Vicente Gayo - Fin de Tarnsmision
Villagers - Pieces
Viva City - Hotwax
Volovan - Perdon
Voodoosouljahs - My Love Is Real
Waco Brothers - Do What I Say
Waldorf - Minor Fall
Wallace Vanborn - Rite Hands
Washington - How To Tame Lions
Weedeater - God Luck and Good Speed
We Are Wolves - Blue
We Fell To Earth - Deaf
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Quiet Little Voices
Whitey Morgan and the 78's - Another Round
White Ghost Shivers - Everyone's Got 'Em
White Rose Movement - Cigarette Machine
Willy Joy - Real Crazy
Wine and Revolution - Eager to sail
Woot - Check my mind
XV - Losing the Signal
Yahowha 13 - Raga Nova
YelaWolf - I Wish feat. Raekwon
Yokozuna (MX) - slam y minifaldas
Young Fathers - Straight Back on it
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Laura Palmer's Prom
Yppah - They Know What Ghost Know
Yukon Blonde - Wind Blows
Yuna - Deeper Conversation
Ze! - I Am Glam
Zillionaire - Loose Leaf
Zlam Dunk - Patrick
Zolar X - Timeless

Part 2:
60 Tigres - Modelos Sin Personalidad
A-Alikes - Sirens
Acid Girls - The Numbers Song
Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver) and Bolts of Melody - Autumn Leaf
Aerodrone - Ready To Love
Afro Classics - Hay Love
All Tiny Creatures - Stockhausen (Remix)
Anime Winds - Blue Shades
Ariel Abshire - Exclamation Love
Aslyn - Me and You and Daisies
Asylum Street Spankers - By and By
Austin Hartley-Leonard - Golden Opportunity
AV Okubo - AV Terminator
Awesome Color - Transparent
A Classic Education - What My Life Could Have Been
Bad Rabbits - Stick Up Kids
BALANCE - swagga jack'n
Balkan Beat Box - War Again
Balmorhea - Bowsprit
Banjo Or Freakout - Upside Down
Barcelona - The Takers
Bastard Child Death Cult - Black Thorn Rising
Beaches - Sandy
Beats Antique - Beauty Beats
Ben Weaver - White Snow
Big Don - The Manners
Black Milk - Keep Going
Blue Scholars - Hi - 808
Body Language - New Day
Bomani Armah and Project Mayhem - Ghetto
Bomba Estereo - Cosita Rica
Bonjay - Gimmee Gimmee
Boog Brown - Grind Season
Book of Black Earth - Death of the Sun
Boom Pam - Surfing Tuba
Boulder Acoustic Society - Give It Away
Brisa Roche - Stone Trade
Broadfield Marchers - Dr. Invincible and The Champions of Love
Broken Records - If The News Makes You Sad Don't Watch It
Cady Groves - CHANGIN ME
Cairo Pythian - Magus
Cali Zack and N A - Livin' My Life
CALLmeKAT - My Sea
Camisama - sex
Carsick Cars - You Can Listen You Can Talk
Casxio - Seventeen
Cedric Burnside and Lightnin Malcolm - R.L. Burnside
Charanga Cakewalk - La Negra Celina
Chilly Gonzales - Pianist Envy
ChocQuibTown - De Donde Vengo Yo
Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire - Red Lamb
Cocktail Slippers - You Do Run
Colin MacIntyre (aka Mull Historical Society) - Be My Saviour
Correatown - Play
Cory Branan and Ben Nichols - Tall Green Grass
Cousin Cole - Metronome (Cousin Cole Remix)
Creature With The Atom Brain - Spinnin' The Black Hole
Crew54 - Good Day ft. Bavu Blakes
Cubic Zirconia - Josephine
Daddy a Go-Go - Eat Every Bean and Pea On Your Plate
Danny Malone - Baby Bleu
Dan Mangan - Road Regrets
Dappled Cities - The Price
Darker My Love - Blue Day
Dash Rip Rock - Natchez Trace
David Dallas - Indulge Me
Da C.O.D. - Loftin n Austin
Deadstring Brothers - Meet Me Down At Heavy Load
Dead Sexy Inc - Kamikaze Rock'n'roll
Death - Keep On Knocking
dEbruit - Nigeria What
Descartes a Kant - La belle indifernce
Devon Williams - Sufferer
DIAMOND - Superbad
Diana Darby - The Alphabet
Dignan - Charlatan
Dios - Stare At Wheel
Dixie Witch - What You Want
Diz Gibran - Truly Yours Ft. BJ The Chicago Kid
DJ Sun - Life
DJ Tameil - Go Hard Left Field
DM Stith - Braid of Voices
Doll and The Kicks - You Turn Up
Dorrough - Ice Cream Paint Job
Double Portion - I Am Somebody
Doug Wamble - Find Her Way
DreadBass Soundsystem - Just Like Me
Drink Up Buttercup - Young Ladies
Dubb Sicks - Tha Anthem
Duchess Says - Black Flag
Dustin Welch - Whisky Priest
Dyme Def - Do Something
Electric President - Elegant Disasters
Elias Haslanger - Street Beat
Eli Smith - Bell Tower Bass
Elliott BROOD - Without Again
El Ten Eleven - Hot Cakes
Erica Nicole - Somebody Like Me
Eugene Mirman - The Will To Whatevs Book Tour And An Amazing Boy With Asperger's
Evol Intent DJ - Maybe We'll Dance Tomorrow
Exene Cervenka - Trojan Horse
Family of the Year - Feel Good Track of Rosemead
Fang Island - Daisy
Finn Riggins - Wake (keep this town alive)
Fire Zuave - Prison Break
First Class Fresh - Touching Kissing Hugging
Fishtank Ensemble - Women in Sin
Followed By Static - Oh Breezy
Frank Smith - put me in a hole
Freedy Johnston - Don't Fall in Love with a Lonely Girl
Freelance Whales - Generator ^2nd Floor
Freeway and Jake One - She Makes Me Feel Alright
Fyfe Dangerfield - She Needs Me
Gay Witch Abortion - Girl Pop Soda
Gemma Ray - 100 mph (in 2nd Gear)
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Find The Time
Gifts From Enola - Aves
Gordon Gano and The Ryan Brothers - Oholah Oholibah
Gordon Voidwell - Ivy League Circus
Grammatics - Double Negative
Grave Babies - eating babies
Great Big Planes - We're Gonna Be In Love
Grieves with Budo - Gwenevieve
Griffin House - If You Want To
Gringo Star - All Y'all
Grupo Fantasma - El Sabio Soy Yo
Gum - Mexican Train
Halves - Medals
Hauschka - Schones Madchen
Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl
Hieroglyphics - Proper Aim
Hifiklub - devil knows
Hollerado - Fake Drugs
Holy Fuck - k Rhythm Party 1
Horse Feathers - Curs In The Weeds
Hyperpotamus - The Unhappy Hedonist
Hystoic Vein - DECA-DENCE
Ian Moore - 30 Days
Inlets - Bright Orange Air
Isaac Russell - House of Cards
I AM EMPIRE - You're A Fake
J-Boogie (Between Sets) - Revolution feat. Lyrics Born and The Mamaz.
Jaguar Love - Up All Night
Jail Guitar Doors featuring Wayne Kramer Billy Bragg Tom Morello Chris Shiflett and others tba - Jail Guitar Doors
Jail Weddings - I'm My Own Doctor
James Kinney - Whiskey
Jenny Owen Youngs - Led to the Sea
Jesse Dangerously - Heart of a G.I.R.L.
Jesse Dayton as Captain Clegg - Redneck Vixen From Outerspace
Jill Barber - Never Quit Loving You
Joey Ryan - Broken Headlights
Joe Purdy - Miss Me
Johnny Cooper - Don't Feel Like That Anymore
John Biz - RUN
John Forte - Play My Cards for Me
Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights - Gypsy Woman
Jones Family Singers - I AM
Jovi Rockwell - Rizzla
Julie Feeney - Impossibly Beautiful
Jully Black - Running
Katey Red - Melpomene Block Party
Keepaway - Yellow Wings
Kenny and the Kasuals - CAN'T BLAME JESUS
Kid Dakota - Stars
King Dude - My Beloved Ghost
Kiss Kiss - All They Draw
Kitten - Kill The Light
Kotchy - One For The Money
Kreisor - Mindworm
Kria Brekkan - uterus water
Kristyna Myles - The Way It Is
Kydd - Hi Hatter Hello
L'Orchidee D'Hawai - The Modern Pirates
L.Stadt - gore
Lady Danville - Spoon
Lawrence Arabia - Apple Pie Bed
Lazer Sword - Koopa Boss Mode
LAZRtag - Never Gonna Stop
La Santa Cecilia - Klezmer
Leslie and The Badgers - Old Timers
Le Chat Lunatique - Demonic Lovely
Li'l Cap'n Travis - Regatta
Lick Lick - One Of Us
LidoLido - Go'n Be Gone
Lions of Tsavo - 01 Strewn Atop the Antlers
Lord T and Eloise - Dance Move (ft. Al Kapone)
Lost In Holland - Ohio the Blue
Lost in the Trees - Fireplace
Lovedrug - Pink Champagne
LoveLikeFire - William
Loxsly - Civilwarland
Lucky Pineapple - The Bubble Has Burst in Sky City
Lynhurst - Exactly
Lynn Miles - Night Drive
Mad Juana - Valhalla
Magnolia Shorty - Monkey On Tha D$ck
Maluca - El Tigeraso
Maneja Beto - El Orgullo Nos Matara
Marty Willson-Piper - The Sniper
Master Shortie - Dead End
Matthew Good - Us Remains Impossible
Matthew Perryman Jones - I Can't Get You Out of My Mind
Maverick Sabre - I Need
MC Frontalot - Your Friend Wil
Memory Tapes - MEMORY TAPES
Middleman - It's Not Over Yet
Miles Kurosky (Ex-Beulah) - Apple For An Apple
Miranda Lee Richards - Life Boat
MISSINCAT - Back on my feet
Miz Korona - Like A Zoo
Miz Metro - Love is A Show
MNDR - Fade To Black
Monarchs - Move on Out
Mondo Drag - Love Me (Like A Stranger)
Mon Khmer - Birthplace
Mook - Malmo
Moreland and Arbuckle - Legend of John Henry
Mother Falcon - Marigold
Movits! - Fel Del Av Garden
Moxine - Good Choice
Mozella - Manhattan
Mwangaza Children's Choir - Hope for the Nations
N-Type - Technophobe
Nadastrom - P-Funk Skank (Nadastrom Remix)
Nakia - Cold
Nancy Garcia - These People
Nathan Gaunt - Different Worlds
Native - What Are You Dylan In My House
Neon Trees - Animal
Never Shout Never - Jane Doe
New Roman Times - smoke in your disguise
Nive Nielsen - pirate song
Ocote Soul Sounds - Return of the Freak
Odawas - Harmless Lover's Discourse
Okamoto's - Run Run Run
OK Sweetheart - You Let Me Down
Omodaka - Kyoteizinc (video mix)
One Pin Short - Waiting
Orquestra Contemporanea De Olinda - Canto da Sereia
Outasight - Catch Me If You Can
Overflow - Wasted
P.K. 14 - Fall Of Night
Paradise Titty - Welcome to the Jungle
PC Worship - So Denied
Pedro Moraes - Receita de Cancao
Peelander-Z - So Many Mike
Phil and the Osophers - We Have All Summer
Pinata Protest - Cantina
Planet Asia - Trouble ft. Tristate
Polly Mackey and the Pleasure Principle - Silent Film
Polyphase - Bloody Umbrella
Pong - Suicide Cat
Prophit - Make Love
Psalm One - Bucket Song
Question - IN MY CHEVY
Quiet Company - It's Better To Spend Money Like Theres No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like Theres No Money
Radar Bros - Horses Warriors
Rainbow Arabia - Holiday in Congo
Rebel Diaz - Which Side Are You On
Rec Center - Little Birds
Red Bacteria Vacuum - electric
Rev KM Williams and The Amazing Trainreck - Shake'em on Down Again
Rhymefest - Say Wassup
Rich Pagano and the sugarCane Cups - Change Your Mind
Ricky Rasura - Night Sin
Riddim Saunter - Bad is...
Romantica - The National Side
Romi Mayes - Tire Marks
Rosi Golan - Think Of Me
Roxy Cottontail - Let's Make Nasty
Sahara Smith - Are You Lonely
Sally Seltmann - Harmony to My Heart Beat
Samuel - Say Goodbye
Sarah Jarosz - Tell Me True
Scorpion Child - KINGSHIGHWAY
Set Aflame - Beheader
Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned - Paupered Patriarch
Shelley Short - Time Machine Submarine
Shitty Carwash - this is what celine dion would sound like if she had a dick
Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices
Shurman - Is It True
Signals - Spector
Sixteen Deluxe - Idea (demo)
Slaraffenland - Long Gone
Sleepy Sun - New Age
Sleep Whale - Cotton Curls
Soko - How Are You ..
Sons Of Hercules - A Different Kind Of Ugly
Sounds Under Radio - Sing
So What - As Long As I'm Sinning
Special Guest - A.R.C. from the album LEXINGTON
Speedwolf - I Am the Demon
StABBA - Mamma Mia
Star Eyes - Disappear
Still Flyin' - The Hott Chord Is Struck
Still Life Still - Kid
Straight Lines - Runaway Now
ST 37 - Maroons
Subrosa Union - 6th St. Beauty Queen
Sub Swara - Koli Stance
Suidakra - Isle of Skye
Susan Cowsill - Sweet Bitter End
Sutro - Anxious
Talk Normal - In a Strangeland
Ten Bears - Braces
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - Sin Eater
Themselves - Roman Is As Roman Does
Theophilus London - Humdrum Town
The Atomic Bitchwax - Revival
The Beatards - Don't Step on My Sneakers
The Belleville Outfit - Time To Stand
The Bleu Edmondson Band - Resurrection
The Blue Aeroplanes - Jacket Hangs
The Burning Hotels - Austin's Birthday
The Candles - Here Or Gone
The Candle Thieves - The Sunshine Song
The Caribbean - Color Television (Scott Solter Remix)
The Carrots - Jimmy Don't Cry
The Chapin Sisters - Digging A Hole
The Chevelles - Stacey Loves Cocaine
The Chinese Stars - NO CAR NO BLOWJOB
The Click Clack Boom - Open Hands
The Color Turning - Me Versus Me
The Dollyrots - California Beach Boy
The Ettes - No Home
The Explosives with Peter Lewis and Stu Cook - Headhunter
The Ghost Songs - Do Run
The Higher State - Automatic Motion
The Honey Brothers - Green and Gold
The Jim Jones Revue - Rock'n'Roll Psychosis
The Lighthouse and the Whaler - White Days
The Melismatics - Digging Deep
The Minutes - Fleetwood
The Mynabirds - Numbers Don't Lie
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Than the Stars
The Paper Raincoat - Sympathetic Vibrations
The pEneLOpe[s] - DEMIAN
The Ready Set - Stays Four The Same
The Rescues - Let Loose The Horses
The Right Ons - Thanks
The Rocketboys - We Are a Lighthouse
The Ruby Suns - Cinco
The Saffron Sect - Phosphorous Flash
The Second Grace - Alone and Alive
The Soldier Thread - Fractions
The Static Jacks - My Parents Lied
The Ugly Beats - I'll Close My Eyes
The Walkmen - In the New Year
The Walls - Bone Deep
The Warriors ATX - Manimsupposedtobe
The Wronglers - Brown's Dream Boatsman
Tigersapien. - Luxury
Tobacco - Street Trash
Tommy Keene - A Secret Life of Stories
Tom Brosseau - Been True
Tom Freund - Ghost in This Town
Tone (DC) - Confidence and Progress
Tony Sly - The Shortest Pier
Total Abuse - Eunuch
Trendsetting DJ Knowledge (Between Sets) - Feed Da Streets Intro
Triple Cobra - It's Not Too Late
Turbo Fruits - Mama's Mad Cos I Fried My Brain
Twin Sister - Ginger
Two Hours Traffic - Territory
Uninhabitable Mansions - The Speed Is Deceiving
UUVVWWZ - Berry Can
Vandaveer - Divide and Conquer
Venice is Sinking - Compass
Ventilader - Vest
Videohippos - Shadow Pups
Villains - DJ Felli Fel - Get Buck In Here (Villains Remix) feat. Diddy Akon Ludacris Lil Jon
Vitera - ­Subete!
Viv Albertine - If Love
Volodja Balzalorsky - Paganini? Cantabile
Walter T and The Rated G's - Rough Day At The Sandbox
Warren Hood - When You Are Near
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - Conjirin'
Winter Gloves - Party People
Withered - Purification Of Ignorance
Woodgrain - Hitman
Woodhands - Pockets
Xiao He - MTV Play
XYX - Anel and her problem
YellowFever - Coleman
Yes Giantess - Tuff n Stuff
Young Nick - Pushing On
Yourself and The Air - Sick Days
Zaza - Sooner or Later
Zeus - Marching Through Your Head
Zona Tango - Quejas de un Bandoneonista
Zoroaster - Spirit Molecule

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