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March 2000

New SHIFT online. Nice cover design.

I just came up with some neat one-click javascript-tricks for use in IE5. Drag-n-drop these links to your Links-toolbar, then click them whenever you want to transform the page you are viewing:
- flipH: flip page horizontally
- flipV: flip page vertically
- flipHV: rotate page 180 degrees
- unflip: return page to normal

This is fun! Here's another one:
- pageGray: remove all color from page

Apparently, students at some Australian university have to make a weblog as a school-assignment. Why don't we ever get to do cool assignments like that?

Morgan wrote on 2001/04/03:
We joined the wrong school... that's why =\

milov wrote on 2001/04/03:
And now we're leaving the wrong school :)

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