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July 2000

Eep! What happened to AltaVista? Actually, it doesn't look all that bad... The dark header is a bit distracting though.

New at 79 - I started experimenting with Java-applets recently hoping to one day be able to create one of those cool "plasma" effects, when in fact I managed to create one today using plain ol' Javascript. Go figure...

Here's another fun javascript bookmarklet for IE-users: stretch imgs - drag the link to your linksbar, then click it when visiting a site with plenty of images.

Or try this slightly modified version: switch imgs - instead of stretching out images, this randomly swaps the source of an image with that of another one.

Non-trailer excerpts from the X-Men movie. [via memepool]

Must-download: Kevin Spacey's SNL appearance in 1.2MB RealVideo (lower-left thumbnail). [via]

Eustace wrote on 2003/04/14:
Hi! Steve Kargas (of sent me to your page. The stretch imgs bookmarklet is very funny, it would, however, be also very useful if there was a shortcut (like pressing Stop in the browser or Esc) to stop the images for stretching further.