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January 2002

Another new thing: comments are now loaded by Javascript and appear inline in the current page. So you don't have to leave the page to read the comments for a particular entry (IE-only, right now).
Reference: PPK's Import XML Document tutorial.

milov wrote on 2002/01/25:
See, here's one! (I hope this works...)

milov wrote on 2002/01/25:
What I'm still working on is the ability to *post* a new comment without forcing a reload.

pup wrote on 2002/01/25:

Adjam wrote on 2002/01/25:

karma wrote on 2002/01/25:

huphtur wrote on 2002/01/25:
milov: when ya gonna make yur cms available for download?

milov wrote on 2002/01/26:
what cms? you mean the textarea's i've got hidden all over the place? :)

huphtur wrote on 2002/01/26:
exactly! how much if i wanted to buy it? hehe

23JUL wrote on 2002/01/26:
>What I'm still working on is the ability to *post* a new comment without forcing a reload

- I think * posting * always requires some kind of reload, but what do you exactly mean by 'reload', the fact a script is redirecting??

- Another way of 'posting' without a reload is maybe to store the comment as a (-if javascript-) cookie which is being read&deleted as you run the script mentioned here above... ;-)

- Btw: since comments are not in a fixed font, can you use the same font-family in the style of the textarea I am now typing in.

- Later..

milov wrote on 2002/01/26:
By 'reload' I mean the fact that you see the whole page being reloaded or jumping to another url. It should be possible to post a comment by submitting a form in a hidden iframe, or changing an image src, or indeed storing it as a temporary cookie (this sounds the most promising, actually).

karma wrote on 2002/01/26:
you might want to get some inspiration from (a Javascript XML-RPC client)?. It sets up a http request itsself from javascript and then interpretes the answer. uses some activeX objects to do this though

caster wrote on 2002/01/27:
bloody>nice>& >clean !