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February 2002

Wow, creating something interesting in under 256 bytes (for the 256b.htm compo) isn't easy... Here's one of the things I had to scrap: a random inkblot generator, way too big at 384 bytes... ;)

This one uses the XBM img src technique to generate a 2-bit image at run-time (example 1, 2). Could try rendering it with divs instead, but that'll probably cause quite the browser-freeze.

huphtur wrote on 2002/02/02:
maybe this help?

mrmessiah wrote on 2002/02/03:
Hehe :) Well I only got mine to work by
absolutely *butchering* the correct
syntax... lots of illegal script and
html tags that IE fills in, but it
fails on just about every other browser
out there, not how I normally like to
code :)

Tracy Hall wrote on 2006/02/03:
That's a nice little script you've got there. I've had an inkblot generator of my own on my page for years, but it only produces PostScript files. Coming across this page has inspired me to add a couple of .xbm-producing pages, using both my original inkblot algorithm and a modification of your idea of using a random walk.