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January 2013

my fave films seen in 2012


I Wish / 奇跡 (Hirokazu Kore-eda, 2011, JP)
The Artist (Michel Hazanavicius, 2011, FR)
Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson, 2012, US)
Intouchables (Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano, 2011, FR)
Bright Star (Jane Campion, 2009, UK)
The Piano (Jane Campion, 1993, NZ)
Beasts of the Southern Wild (Benh Zeitlin, 2012, US)
This Must Be The Place (Paolo Sorrentino, 2011)
Pusher Trilogy (Nicholas Windig Refn, DE)
The Raid: Redemption (Gareth Evans, 2011, Indonesia)

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (Judy Irving, 2003, US)
A Simple Life (Ann Hui, 2011, HK)
The Sting (1973, George Roy Hill, US)
The Avengers (Joss Whedon, 2012, US)
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Tomas Alfredson, 2011, UK)
Valley of Saints (Musa Syeed, 2012, India)
L'ultimo terrestre (Gian Alfonso Pacinotti, 2011, IT)
Haywire (Steven Soderbergh, 2011, US)
Shame (Steve McQueen, 2011, UK)
Persuasion (Adrian Shergold, 2007, UK)
Indie Game: The Movie (Lisanne Pajot+James Swirsky, 2012, US)
The Cabin in the Woods (Drew Goddard, 2011, US)
Chips (Yoshihiro Nakamura, 2012, JP)
Looper (Rian Johnson, 2012, US)
Cell 211 (Daniel Monzón, 2009, ES)
How To Train Your Dragon (Dean DeBlois+Chris Sanders, 2010, US)
King Curling (Ole Endresen, 2011, NO)
Brave (2012, US)
Dredd (Pete Travis, 2012, UK+US)