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November 2012

wait till Aphex Twin gets a hold of this g-cloned.html (via @codinghorror )

August 2005

Aphex Twin is naming some of his Analord tracks after actual spyware programs/viruses [via]

July 2005

Acoustica by Alarm Will Sound is an amazing set of orchestral versions of Aphex Twin tracks

December 2001

Listening to: Aphex Twin - Vaz Deferenz [RealAudio sample]

September 2001

the face of aphex - Creepy. There are hidden images in Aphex Twin's Windowlicker, viewable when analyzing the cd with a spectrogram. Also see this screenshot here. [via]

September 2000


Pokey is finally reunited with his family and meets his brothers, Pesky and Sudsy. deconstructs a reader's deconstruction of his deconstruction of the leaked Radiohead album 'Kid A'.

Check out this Director File on Chris Cunningham, at a new location and updated with more info and pictures. [via]

Also new on the same site: a director file on Michel Gondry, who made the amazing 'Let Forever Be' video for the Chemical Brothers, which sort of inspired nr. 40.

March 2000

Now you can sing along to your favorite Aphex Twin hits, thanks to The Richard D. James Lyrics Transcription Resource Project [via]