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September 2012

my previous css-only animation (iris - ) is featured on the home page of @CodePen, neato:

css fire flower on codepen: (alternate version revealing the element/shadow structure: )

my phone can't show char ✽ (HEAVY TEARDROP-SPOKED ASTERISK), so fire flower becomes fire squares

made another css-only animation, 124 - fire flower:

July 2012

fixed 123 counter-rotation on ipad by replacing (unsupported?) animation-direction:reverse with separate animation rule

123 (css animation) - combined my old fave, border-style dashed, w/ border-radius 50%. Only works in Chrome, it seems:

here's a timelapse animation I made last year while cleaning out some bookshelves:

added some info and historical context to my Experiments page

March 2012


a css-only (no js) mouseover animation using :hover, border-radius, transform and transition properties:

May 2006 - On Bots - results of a one-year experiment on search engine behaviour [via]

March 2006

very pretty Multi-Touch Interaction Experiments demo reel