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February 2008

my IFFR 2008 log

Seen at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam this year (in descending chronological order, rated x out of 5):

Sad Vacation: 4/5
Any film with Asano Tadanobu is always worth seeing.
Persepolis: 4/5
Beautiful animation, funny and moving. Though I feel I would have liked the version with the original french dialog better than this english dub.
Japanese 8mm Kicks Ass Beautiful
Real Dreams
The Darjeeling Limited: 5/5
Just wonderful. First Wes Anderson film I actually saw on the big screen. And biiig it was, being Pathé 1.
Black Snow: 3/5
Chinese film from 1989 starring a very young Jiang Wen. The overdubbed dialog and cheesily translated subtitles kinda distracted from the okay story. Nice to see the Q&A with director Xie Fei afterwards.
Of Monster Mode: 4/5
Entertaining Japanese silliness.
Magnus: 4/5
Probably the first Estonian film I've ever seen. From the description I was expecting something bleak and depressing, but it turned out to be very funny at times. Beautiful visuals and landscapes throughout.
Only Child, Upward, Downward, Forward, Backward, Rightward and Leftward: 2/5
I noticed quite a few walk-outs during this one, a weird and uneventful story full of strange dialogs, in other words: a perfect filmfestival film to start off with :)

January 2008

IFFR 2008

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