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December 2012

The story behind "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs" ambled.html (via d_salads_and_scrambled_eggs/ )

September 2012

Bert & Ernie reenact the ending of Breaking Bad S05E08

August 2012

awesome Breaking Bad season 1&2 dance remix/montage: (via )

July 2012

Marc Maron interviews Dan Harmon

watching The Newsroom ep 4, and realizing that in the past few years I've probably watched more fake tv news than actual real tv news

April 2012

The Simpsons opener by Bill Plympton (via @catsuka)

November 2011

Mandy Patinkin convincingly portrays a hunt-and-peck keyboardist in #Homeland S01E08

September 2011

RT @pattonoswalt: If Hirokazu Koreeda's right, I hope my afterlife is spent re-experiencing BREAKING BAD for the first time, forever.


August 2011

nice to hear Fever Ray "If I Had A Heart" in Breaking Bad S04E03!

July 2011

did I just hear a matrix printer sound effect over a shot of an inkjet printer, in Luther ep S02E03?