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June 2002

Remco wrote on 2002/06/30:

huphtur wrote on 2002/06/30:
bling bling!

Alison Brennan wrote on 2004/01/05:
Please can you give me a price for 1000 gems.
Also - do you do clear gems e.g. to look like diamonds?
Many thanks.

Cheri wrote on 2004/01/20:
I am looking for about 750 - 800 light blue gems and about 1000 clear, diamond like gems. Can you please help?!?!?! I need them for a wedding!! Please e-mail with help! Thank you!

Bangor wrote on 2006/02/20:
This may be very, very late, but can you still make these things? I am also looking to place a large order. You'd be amazing at how hard it is to find little plastic blue gems! email me at

Bangor wrote on 2006/02/20:
ah man, those are aquarium pellets!