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May 2012

April 2012

Rotterdam Centraal

Rotterdam Centraal

July 2008

something new - a bit of fun with border-style: dashed;.
Exact rendering depends on browser model and window size. Warning: hypnotizing!

August 2006



July 2006

blue plug

May 2006

red vs blue collage

red vs blue collage

more blue / gray 2

more blue / gray

more blue / gray

blue / gray

blue / gray

April 2006

passing train

passing train
deze vind ik zelf erg mooi...

three seagulls

March 2006

keep climbing

keep climbing

birds vs tree

birds vs tree

February 2006

blue bottle

plastic tree

November 2005

blue tree silhouette

October 2005

blurry v

August 2005

blue container



blue shed

July 2005


Oorzaak van de rookpluim die nu over Rotterdam hangt

And here's how it looked from our perspective:

cherry picker

April 2005

blue office

blue office

January 2005

helicopter and flock of birds

Being in the right place (in front of the attic window, trying out my new camera) at the right time (helicopter is circling around, doing some sort of environmental survey) is nice sometimes...

December 2004

November 2004

September 2004

unusual streetlights somewhere in Rijswijk

(inverted photo)
nice how a certain time of day combined with a certain arrangement of furniture can unexpectedly make a perfect square of light appear on the wall... (see also: 2455)

August 2004

sunglasses on blue table


Somewhere in Delft...

July 2004

cd-r flare