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September 2002

I just added a little extra javascript for Internet Explorer users, to apply some handy filters to any photo featured on this page:

- Shift-click a photo: Rotate 90°, 180°, 270°;
- Ctrl-click a photo: Desaturate (remove colours);
- Alt-click a photo: Invert colours.

Try it with some of the photos below! You can even combine filters. All this by setting one global document.onclick event (no need to add specific tags to each <img>-tag). View Source to see how it's done.

Low wrote on 2002/09/10:
*click* *click*
Fun for hours!! :-)

jpk wrote on 2002/09/10:
very nice!

Eduardo wrote on 2002/09/10:
Good resources man.. Folks here in the office was jon with your pic (The Hard Disk), I make a quizz with it by eMail.. (What is on the pic?)Cool!

Fidel wrote on 2002/09/10:
Milo that is l33t! you never cease to amaze me with your skillz.

wrote on 2002/09/10:
davvero divertente, Milo!

walter wrote on 2002/09/10:
This is just too much.

Mario wrote on 2002/09/11:

mados wrote on 2002/09/11:
Impressive. Don't forget to add "return false" for clickable images, e.g.

milov wrote on 2002/09/11:
Good point, mados...
This does bring up the problem of what to do when someone shift-clicks an imagelink to open a new window; do I apply the filter or do I let them open it? should I use some other key combination?

23JUL wrote on 2002/09/12:
element :- onmouseover
filter :- accesskey
hehe :- fun

Ruben wrote on 2002/09/12:
Ach, je wist al lang dat je briljant was, dus dit commentaar van mij is compleet overbodig :-)

David wrote on 2002/09/21: