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September 2002

dhtml asciifire (IE4+) [by mados] - wow, check out the seemingly simple sourcecode. I like his trick for generating a custom array of characters:

char=' .:*sS#$'.split('');
instead of
char=new Array(' ','.',':','*','s','S','#','$');

Jake wrote on 2002/09/26:
Well... Huh.
That *is* clever. I love split().

Adjam wrote on 2002/09/27:
Agh! i just found out lows blog is written entirely in a language that i dont understand! doh!

milov wrote on 2002/09/27:
tell me about it... ;)

Low wrote on 2002/09/27:
Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

milov wrote on 2002/09/27:
Zijn we nu helemaal gek geworden?

Low wrote on 2002/09/27:
Ik niet hoor. De rest wel.
Bij de weg, wordt het niet een beetje uit-onderwerp hier?

milov wrote on 2002/09/27:
Eens kijken of Adjam nog eens reageert, als ik een nederlands berichtje plaats met zijn naam er in...

Adjam wrote on 2002/09/30:
This is the translation i got (as deutch is so unpopular i had to translate it 1 word at a time :/)

once consider of ADJAM another agree "reageert" acknoledge I a holland "berichtje" above-all about act name appear OK

Adjam wrote on 2002/09/30:
I have too much free time

milov wrote on 2002/09/30:
Heheh... What I said was: "Let's see if Adjam comments again, if I post a dutch message with his name in it..."

You could have also tried
(Dutch -> English):
"Sometimes watch whether Adjam encore test tube , when I one Dutch tidings yard with one's reputation yonder within."