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February 2012

RT @romancortes: 1kb rose, rotating:

August 2009

Stewdio - Swim [more] [via]

July 2008

something new - a bit of fun with border-style: dashed;.
Exact rendering depends on browser model and window size. Warning: hypnotizing! [via]

April 2008

Twinkle - split screen, nice bit of JS <canvas> hackery by P01 [related] [more]

White Glove Tracking - isolating Michael Jackson's white glove in all 10,060 frames of his nationally televised landmark performance of Billy Jean - and then visualizing the data in fun ways! [via]

May 2006 information - infinite recursive photo mosaic browser [more] [via]

March 2006

600th(!) present at blend [via] - flash and shockwave works - crafting new computational calligraphies [via]

December 2005

Dear Computer, [via]

November 2005


January 2003

F A B R I C A – Interactive Flash playthings. Try #10 'Odd One Out'; simple but intense game. [via Low/Bob]

GoogleSynth texture synthesiser - combines two random Google Image Search images into one. Windows app. [via]

September 2002

dhtml asciifire (IE4+) [by mados] - wow, check out the seemingly simple sourcecode. I like his trick for generating a custom array of characters:

char=' .:*sS#$'.split('');
instead of
char=new Array(' ','.',':','*','s','S','#','$');

CODeDOC forces you to view the source code of various webbased artworks before opening them. Cool. [via / Metafilter]

August 2002

Yellowtail - mesmerizing Java applet draw motion extrapolation thing. By Golan Levin. [via Suppose]

GLITCH ART. The aesthetics of digital corruption.
Link of the day. Right here. Click it.

ASCII BART using Google highlighting. Follow-up to 1362. [via Low, soort van]

July 2002

maya1 - Order and Disarray - "Give it a minute or so to run." Give it ten minutes even! Or just leave the window open and check back every few minutes and watch the pattern form. [by glenmurphy]

Using Google's keyword-highlighting to create art: one, two [via Metafilter]

June 2002

drifter tv: endgame [via Linklust]

play / create - cool anims; check out 'flowers'. From the maker of Bits and Pieces. [via Low]

May 2002

TableArt: The 2002 Invitational - do something fun with <table>'s! [via Glish]

April 2002

ASCII-animations by llizard aka ejm - nice collection of Javascript-powered animated textareas. - online art-hopping - Neat; pick different routes through a whole bunch of artsy sites using the selectbox in the bottom-left corner.

March 2002

New interface and new experiments at I like the inclusion of a concept sketch at oglev2. [via]

Oldschool sprite tribute in fluid fullscreen 3D Shockwave, at the pixel-lab.

February 2002

The.Man.Project - spooky 3d flash dude following the mouse cursor. Clever... You'd almost expect it to float out of the browser window. [via L Rado]

ASCII Mandelbrot and more interesting stuff at Try the 'more' links for related mathematical/scientific info. [via Eendvogel]

Update: also try this anti-aliased Ascii Julia generator in Javascript.

December 2001

Ik zag zowaar Jogchem Niemandsverdriet geïnterviewd worden in een School-TV programma vanochtend... Maeda Path - a game of eye | hand coordination. [via Metafilter]

'War' - another amazing animation. 97 - a little colour therapy; just sit back and watch. (Only tested in IE6 so far.)

November 2001

iambald 96

'the forest' - Flash anim (w/sound) at Drifter TV. [via Drifter TV spam]

Insomnia - Flash anim (w/sound) at

L has a collaborative drawing app in Flash (click 'Launch Multi-user Interface'). Apparently displayed live in a museum in Copenhagen. [via]

October 2001

'Strange sort of a bird hoppin' across the room!', by pOw.

Fixed Width Days - An ascii-art story about ascii-art. Although, it is coloured, so it looks more like ansi-art. DEVICE=ANSI.SYS, anyone? [via Metafilter]

Cursor Trajectory Prediction - using genetic algorithms to try to predict your mouse movements.

Idea Line - history of net art. With a fittingly unusual java interface. [via]

September 2001 - been meaning to link to this; another crazy site... Putting the 'mystery' in mystery-meat navigation.

[carefully resuming blogging, starting with:] - nice fast-loading interactive minimalistic meditative silent flash anims. Comparable to [via zantlog]

July 2001 changes... now with "weblog/diary/besides thing". All the good stuff's still there, of course (check 'projects'). [via Elrado]

kogals - weiiird flash anim. [via usr/bin/girl]

lines 01 - clever Flash 'linestudy' at [via Zidouta]

May 2001

Hoogerbrugge levitates. [via Reutellog]

June 2000 - weird (to me anyway) Polish site found in my What does 'fajne' mean?

And someone signed the guestbook with URL, which opened my eyes to a number of beautifully designed Polish sites, most of which are utterly incomprehensible:
- Negative Vibes

May 2000