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January 2003

Viggo Mortensen: "No More Blood For Oil" offline :(
Quicktime clip from Charlie Rose interview which I first saw mentioned at 0x990000. [via pOw]

caroline wrote on 2003/01/04:
awesome, thanks

Anne wrote on 2003/03/10:
I'am very proud of Viggo Mortensen, to share his opinion to the public, when asked. His views mentioned on Charlie Rose ; I completly agree with him. As an actor, it might be easier to advertise your opinions on things. I respect him for that, and so should everyone. If not, don't listen. But good for you Viggo, you have a good head on your shoulders.

Rach wrote on 2003/04/19:
I think Viggo is a strong individual and I admire him for that. I also admire him because of his artist ways. I'm a striving to become an artist right now but,i'm only 14 year old.

summer wrote on 2003/05/03:
wow nice site!!!!!!!

Lydia Buitenwerf wrote on 2004/10/14:
I think its great that Viggo has an opinion abuot whats going on in the world today. I agree with him, just who do some of these people think they are that they think they are better than us. posted by Lydia at9:45pm on oct.12/04