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December 2012

RT @ggreenwald: The PSY scandal: singing about killing people v. constantly doing it

October 2012

RT @robdelaney: An old piece on who I've voted for in every presidential election & why: I welcome feedback.

September 2012

RT @DeReactiegraaf: *Haalt diep adem*

June 2012

RT @pvdp: Schrijnend stuk van @zeegersmaarten over hoe hij, na Syrië uitgezet te zijn, door bureaucratie ook NL niet meer in kan

February 2012

RT @codinghorror: "take yourself out of your first world techie social media smart-shoes for a second [and] imagine this"

RT @Teunvandekeuken: "ik ben een kwart MOE- lander" Mijn #Paroolcolumn van vandaag:

RT @Glinner: In case you missed it yesterday, The Onion: 'Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon'

December 2011

comments on @waxpancake UC Davis post iple_angles are an interesting/scary insight into the minds of police brutality apologists :/

RT @anildash: By request, my list of questions for the Republican candidates: (Please share & add your own)

August 2011

RT @StewartL64: BREAKING NEWS: Libya now recognising Tottenham rioters as legitimate UK government.

July 2008

Sean Tevis - Running for Office, XKCD Style [related]

August 2006

National Politics within Virtual Game Worlds: The Case of China [via]

April 2006

Powerpuff Girls hate nazis

Powerpuff Girls hate nazis
A brilliant poster I spotted in Duisburg on my way back from Hamburg. This makes me love the Powerpuff Girls even more than I already do.

June 2005

Korean childrens' cute but scary anti-Japan drawings [via]

October 2004

Pirates & Emperors

Jon Stewart interviewed on Fresh Air

September 2004

RNC arrest sweep report at [via]

Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004 [via]

August 2004

</BUSH> [via]

Norman Mailer and John Buffalo Mailer Discuss Protests at the Republican National Convention

June 2004

daily reason to dispatch Bush [via]

September 2003

Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003 - although most are not so much censored as just very underreported. [via Midnight Factory]

"Service guarantees citizenship"

June 2003

May 2003

March 2003


February 2003

Everything is fine [at SignalStation, via Metafilter]

January 2003

The Beast - IRAQT-UP - article on underreporting of Washington protest crowds: "...what you get is the amazing realization that this crowd, perhaps the largest to gather in Washington in the last thirty years, has no political representation whatsoever in today's America." [via mikel dot org]

Viggo Mortensen: "No More Blood For Oil" offline :(
Quicktime clip from Charlie Rose interview which I first saw mentioned at 0x990000. [via pOw]

April 2002 interview with Robert Young Pelton [via]

October 2001

AlterNet -- 10 Things to Know about U.S. Policy in the Middle East [via]

August 2001

Tim Robbins on Voting for Nader. [via randomWalks]