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February 2003

The same window where I shot this mirror photo...

Toph wrote on 2003/02/01:
in favor of modern world, assuming this is airport, patches of sun through glass early or late in the day, reflection

suejon wrote on 2003/02/01:
i do love this shot .......good analogy toph

Toph wrote on 2003/02/01:
Missed the spider before (link "this mirror photo"), and my what life this image has on this sad day

malcolm moses bernard haurmet wrote on 2005/05/16:
Totally way out dude, spank me all over with a rubber glove! Wooow i mean bo, bo as doe. Parf said alice parf parf parf! yeah har

eleanor rigsby wrote on 2005/05/16:
i agree with malcummmmm, he's my love puppy. every thing he tells me is the truth and i respect his long feet. why is it so? That the moon has no legs? WHY!? God damn you all, tell me, i'm sick of asking the same questions time and time again. Good bye you yankeee freaks! America is just sooooo bo! I think not check out the BUSH-MISTER, he sums up the whole land - as thick as a big pork chop. Hmmm... cell phone??? I think you mean mobile!!!! Gas station - - PETROL station. Elervator???? What the hell's all that about? It's a lift for christ sake. Go eat so frigging YOGURT you thick chabs!