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October 2012

hello old friend - three years after my dear ricoh grd1 broke, I got myself a grd4!

May 2012

our trusty travel companions

our trusty travel companions

March 2012

very interested in Pentax' new mirrorless K-mount camera

September 2011

so it only took me 2.5 yrs to realize I can quickly change ISO speed on my Pentax K20D by holding ok-button and rotating front wheel.. nifty

March 2009

new toy

new toy

November 2007

why I carry two cameras

Ricoh has announced the GR DIGITAL 2!!
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September 2006


July 2006

getting the shot

getting the shot

June 2006

GRD by E550

GRD by E550


a single dotted transparent surface in front of a reflective surface; reminded me of this animation that I made 6 years ago.

May 2006

camera controls



April 2006

madurodam ice5

madurodam ice3
chinese tourists looking at a dutch windmill built by chinese ice sculptors at a dutch themepark

office light

canon vs fuji

lining up this shot was harder than it looks...

passing train

passing train
deze vind ik zelf erg mooi...

rooftop photography fun

rooftop photography fun

January 2006

camera shadow

November 2005

dual camera action

dual camera action
november 2004

camera shadow

August 2005

marking on car window

June 2005



March 2005

June 2003

reflection in blue cd-r

February 2003



The same window where I shot this mirror photo...

January 2003

"Okay, you rotate your camera counter-clockwise, I'll rotate mine clockwise... no, wait... er..."

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hands holding camera


December 2002

Detail of my dusty 1.3 megapixel camera (the one I use to take all the photos you see on this site) on top of a watercooler, shot with Jeroen's new 4 megapixel digicam.

September 2002


July 2002


self portrait, C-860L, 2002

February 2002


January 2002

Having fun with two digital camera's... (collage)